Online booking script helps you to build a hotel booking website

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Airbnb clone script

Helping the startups to launch a hotel booking website, the hotel booking script continues to be in great demand from aspiring webmasters who desire to kick start their online business. The script, with an extensive set of advanced features is readily available as it can create an online platform in a matter of 2 days. The brain behind the script, Agriya needs no introduction in the area of web development and clone scripts, having offered services to many successful businessmen

Uniqueness of the script

The hotel reservation script is versatile. It connects the travelers, vacationers with that of leading hotels in all major cities across the globe. Be it budget hotels, resorts, suites, rooms, they can be booked by the travelers on your website once created and launched using the script.

It is obvious to say that the script has been developed in order to power a website that offers a great experience to the users. Hotel room seekers can just login to your futuristic site by registering or using their social networking site's ID and look out for the availability of rooms in their destination city or town. Interestingly, they can filter according to the locality, budget, amenities and so on.

Moreover, the calendar helps them know the availability of rooms on the days when they exactly need. No hassles, no confusion! Since the script is known for its top-notch user interface, users can find it a breeze when booking the hotel rooms. Even hoteliers, if allowed by you, can get a login ID, through which they can make necessary changes with regard to availability of rooms, price, amenities.

Beautifully, the reviews section comes as a helping hand to room seekers. They can read the reviews given by the past visitors who have sought accommodation in the particular hotel. This way, they can know better of what is on offer for them.

Revenue options bring great profits to webmasters

Every startup is established with a motive to offer the best services to the users. Agreed! However, for startups profits do matter. They aspire to grow bigger by putting their idea to test. That being the case, great profits are assured with this script.

The numerous revenue options include Property listing fee, Property verification fee, Host service fee, User registration fee, Traveler service fee among others.


Now that competition in online hotel reservation industry is heating up, it is absolutely necessary to pick the best script that can create an amazing website like Airbnb, winning the hearts of both travelers and hoteliers.
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Top Crowdfunding sites for Athletes and Sports Teams

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crowdfunding donation agriya script

Moving away from the traditional methods, a crowdfunding platform has gathered enough attention  and opened up multiple opportunities for people from various streams to use it and achieve their goals. It all started with entrepreneurs who wanted funds for their businesses and ideas and moved on to others like musicians, artists, authors, etc. When it comes to athletes and sports teams, the popular and the high-skilled ones, doesn't face any issues with regard to collecting funds and getting sponsors, but it's not the case with the many second or third tier teams. The extremely adaptable and flexible crowdfunding platform was able to come to the aid of those individuals and helped them realize their dreams. This exclusive niche led to the creation of multiple crowdfunding sites that gathered funds exclusively for sports. Let's talk about few popular and successful ones. 


Multiple Athletic organisations such as the US Ski Team, US Cycling and US Bobsled team have made Rally-me as their official crowdfunding base. These and many other organizations create crowdfunding campaigns called Rallies, through which they intend to achieve certain financial goals. In return for the donations, the donor, called as Boosters receive a reward for a full-fledged sponsorship.


This crowdfunding website works with potentially successful athletes and athletic organizations and develop customized fundraising plans for them. Dream Fuel rely on the existing fan base of a particular athlete or sports team and use their enthusiastic support to help achieve the funding goals.  The site has a vast pool of high-performance track and field athletes, who have raised money through various crowdfunding campaigns.


Founded by a former Olympic Kayaker, Julia rivard and former gymnast, Leah Skerry, Pursuit is a non-profit crowdfunding website run by volunteers. Their focus is mainly on numerous amateur athletes. Around 8 athletes from a variety of different sports were sent through Pursuit to the 2014 Sochi Olympics.


A sports crowdfunding site that is headquartered in Canada, MakeaChamp was started by two athletes who required financial assistance. The main USP of MakeaChamp is the strong social media and messaging components that enables athletes to directly communicate with  their supporters throughout the duration of their campaign. has a unique business model, which allows athlete to raise money based on their training. The pledges are per-mile basis, so the harder the athletes train, the higher they collect in funds. Athletes track and publish their training routes and the backers can pledge on the date received.

Final Words

From the web admin's point-of-view, the sport funding niche of the online crowdfunding forum has created multiple opportunities for a constant revenue generation process. Multiple developers have created diverse donation software that matches the features of many established websites, that can help the entrepreneurs to create their own sport funding website and mirror the success of all its predecessors. By benefiting all parties involved, It's safe to conclude that the sport funding is indeed a true winner.
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Agriya Releases New Version of Its Getlancer - Freelance Platform Scripts

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Being a client-oriented organization, Agriya works round-the-clock to provide what's best with regards to the business. The latest version of the Getlancer Scripts reflects the same. Backed by a team of expert  developers, Agriya has resolved many major issues and has come up with useful updates. The new version consists of multiple error fixes and enhancements of multiple functions.

Major Error Fixes

Disputed project not moving automatically to the "Waiting For Administrator Decision"; "Post a Project" page not opening through pjax click; Portfolio listing JSON error when Portfolio Favorite plugin is disabled; Job listing API error when Job Favorite plugin is disabled; Search Page not opening (If Project plugin is not available), while clicking the header search icon from dashboard page and many more are fixed in the Getlancer - Freelance platform script update.

Other Updates

• Displaying of maps in the refined map search for the  freelancer, project and jobs listing pages.

• Corrections with regard to the Portfolio List API calls.

• Caching error fixed that prevented send and withdraw request.

• Addition of auto-complete loader for address fields in  Post a Job, Post a Project, Request a Quote, Registration and Profile edit pages.

• Fixes with regard to transition between the translation manage pages at the admin's end

• More characters allowed for the "Project Description"

• Optimization of data queries in the "User Dashboard" page and all the sub-tabs

• Proper displaying of "Total Payment", when choosing "Featured"/"Mark as Urgent" in Post a Projects and Post a Jobs pages.

Take a look at their demo here,

getlancer demo
Demo of Agriya's Getlancer - Freelance Platform Scripts

Furthermore, Agriya has enhanced the overall functionality of all these clone scripts. These upgraded versions suit multiple business models and verticals, enabling you to prosper as one of the market leaders.
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What benefits will a modern crowdfunding platform offer to a real estate investor?

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Things traditional in every domain are getting cladded in the shape of technological enhancements recently. Then how real estate business can stand apart as a separate entity? To make real estate businesses perfectly functional, investors has to iron out many inherent risks from the time of making investments onward. A modern-day crowdfunding platform attuned with superb features empowers real estate investors to ease many an implicit risk of real estate business. Real estate crowdfunding can bring in diverse advantages to the investors and some are worth a depiction. 


Real estate crowdfunding is flexible at large. Here, investors find a lot of choices. They can arrange, lead or invest funds in multiple companies as per the growth in the market. Small or big investments can be done on diverse companies. Thus, investors do not have to worry about the total investments done. If they lose money on some projects, they will gain it by funding on other projects or companies.

Widening of Portfolio 

A well-made crowdfunding software helps investors to widen their portfolio online. Businesses like the stock market and the real-estate lack stability. Anytime the market may crash or revive. Investors who have the capability to maintain and enlarge the portfolio can only survive in these tough circumstances. Real estate crowdfunding enables investors to achieve it quickly. 

Facilitates minimum investment chances 

People usually associate the term real estate with ‘big money’ where no minimum investments are possible. But low amount investments can be done in reality markets with the assistance of enhanced crowdfunding platforms. Lower investments will bring lenders fewer risks. 

Leads your business to wider horizons 

Real estate crowdfunding eliminates the limitations of widening your horizons geographically. By staying in one part of a country you can spread your investments to other parts without any geographical limitations. At a particular point in time, the market value of certain localities will be high, and an investor can effortlessly control all these aspects by means of considering real estate dealings through online crowdfunding. Thus, investors can enlarge their business without any geographical taboos. 

One platform for multiple tasks  

A reality crowdfunding platform comes fully loaded these days. Investors will get a wide variety of deals for making ample choices. Users do not have to go in search of things to complete all the nasty tasks such as roaming to find a property to make investments, searching for a lender, and finding a solution for the evicting issue which occur with tenants so on. All these tasks including transparent money transactions can be done with the aid of an advanced real estate crowdfunding platform. It saves time and ushers in multiple benefits. 

Final words 

In addition to all these advantages, an advanced real estate crowdfunding software comes with a backing of social media support. Hence, investors get open chances to discuss their concerns within the community and take accurate decisions. These benefits contribute to the growth of real estate crowdfunding to a billion dollar business entity by grabbing the likes of more investors to it. 
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