Pros and cons of Online Food ordering Business

Pros and cons of Online Food ordering Business

The first food order and delivery system started during World War-II when women volunteers delivered warm, pre-cooked food to the war affected people. This idea spread over and went through a lot of changes and improvements to reach the form which is done today through apps. Now anyone who can afford a smartphone or a tablet can order food from online.

According to a report by NRA last year states that 74-75% of millennials prefer ordering food online. With this drastic change in the dietary habits and the rapid rise of technology is changing the food market rapidly. This so-called digitalization of food delivery enables fast delivery of takeout food with less human interaction. If you are thinking about starting your own portal you need to be aware of the various Pros and cons of an online food ordering system.


Efficient Food delivery process

Ordering online is beneficial for both the customer and the restaurant. The restaurant employees can increase their efficiency by preparing the ordered food beforehand. Whereas when ordering food directly from the venue or restaurant the chefs would have to rush in preparing meals and this might be lead to unwanted mistakes. For the customers, on the other hand, a lot of valuable time is saved and they can utilize this time to do something productive. In a restaurant or at the store they might have to do an actual reservation or end up waiting in the queue. Either way customer’s valuable time is lost.

Revamped revenue model

 If your online delivery system is proficient, it could lead to more sales which in turn could lead to increase in profits because more customers would prefer placing orders online instead of traveling to the restaurant. This system is particularly useful during weekends or peak hours when reservation fails.

Access to a wider market

Having a robust online presence can help you revitalize your business process and you will be able to access a larger customer base, this involves effective promotion of your services, your menu and if you are offering any discounts or offers on certain products. Even if the restaurant is not open 24/7, it’s services and products are available to customers 24/7 thereby getting access to a wide range of customers.

Breaking the weather barrier

Implementing an online delivery system will help you in keeping the business sail steady even when the climatic conditions are poor. During periods of extreme rain and summer, restaurants have recorded a dip in total number guests and in sales. With the help of online ordering and delivery system, customers can dine in the comfort of their own home. Although your restaurant will look empty during these extreme climatic conditions, your online delivery system will ensure that your order per sales doesn’t drop down.

Connecting with Customers Digitally

 Through an online ordering and delivery system, you can create a complete database of the customers.This will help you in identifying recurring customers, their preferences and repeated orders. Most of the food ordering apps such as Just eat clone, Food panda clone save your history, therefore ordering your favorite cuisines will be much easier. Customer engagement activities will help you get valuable feedback and improve the quality of your service. You can also intimate the customer about certain offers by sending notifications in the form of push messages.


Potential Delays

Ordering online is not a time-saving process.Coincidentally, there will be other customers who would have ordered online, hence there will be delays. Other external factors which can delay the food delivery process are a shortage of delivery personnel, traffic fluctuations in particular areas. Delays can damage the brand reputation and can contribute negative feedback.

Additional Labor Costs

Home delivery services will require extra manpower and more supervision which is cumulative of the overall labor expenses. If you are not dependent on a third party delivery service agents like Swiggy, you will require vehicles and have to bear with the incurring costs of maintenance.

Food quality can be compromised

Due to the constant never ending requirement of online orders questions of food quality always exists. Despite careful packing, one cannot see the quality of the food packed inside. To make things complicated some restaurants don’t offer the same quality food mentioned in their menus.

Expensive Delivery Charges

Most of the restaurants favor differential pricing due to the additional costs incurred due to the delivery of food to your doorstep. Certain restaurants have set a minimum price order for home deliveries which may or may not be favorable with the customer’s budget.

Final Words

With the advancement in technology, the food and the restaurant industries are also getting a major facelift. The online food ordering and delivery system is still a rising concept and has a lot potential for growth and expansion. If you are lacking ideas or have time constraints you can try clone scripts of various other portals such as the Just Eat Clone or the swiggy clone which are available in the market. Clone scripts will facilitate customization and will allow you to preserve your brand image. Having an online food delivery system is a must in today’s consumer driven economy and if you are looking at long-term profitability it’s better you developing your presence online.