How Golang rules the technological and business space efficiently?

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There are several contemporary technological platforms which caliber an exceptional speed and reach. But Golang has an unleashed all their performance and their achievements. But still, there are several outstanding measures that wanted to address in terms of enhancement. Let's see the significant terms and the outcomes of the Golang.  


Go is best for its concurrent operation. No matter how complicated it is. Go will not suffice with a larger amount of code built. Go is an excellent choice for concurrency. Go's concurrency model takes from Communicating sequential processes. Contrast goroutine model of multiplexing often numerous goroutines onto an OS thread with lots of dynamic threads that map to larger native threads with stack size defined and we are now contrasting a million goroutines with perhaps a hundred thousands of threads in general. Not to mention locking, queues for communication in the JVM world, for example, make it slightly harder.

Simple to learn

Go is good for any software project with any complexity. But really it is very simple, while writing go code you feel like you are writing some practical code. This would feel so especially if you are coming from Scala domain. To give you a feel for simplicity - I have written Scala code to production professionally, I have a reasonable grasp of Simplicity. So in short, Golang is best meant for its simplicity either in using and creating code.


When it comes to syntax, then it is very clear and bottom to the line to understand. If you are technically sound knowledge, then it is not an issue with Golang learning. Whenever the complication occurs


Last comes the scalability. So it is very portable for a Golang developer to expand the application through the code in a way matches with the business expansion or a vision expansion. It has the component equip the code with the future forecast and up-gradation.

Where to find the Golang developers?

Agriya is very happy to help you with your Golang development services that intuitive user interfaces and experiences, database management systems, server-side applications,, industry-specialized websites, content management systems, single-page applications, web services, customer relationship management systems.The business enterprises get access to optimum performance as it allows the compilation of large and complex programs in much less time with easy code maintenance.
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Integrating Coin Payment for Assured Security and Confidentiality: Agriya to Enhance their Crowdfunding Scripts

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Digital money is a novel concept, which has gained some serious traction recently, because of its more secure, confidential and reliable mode of operation. When printed money and usual mode of transactions requires mandatory user information, coin payment entirely eradicates this notion of getting user-related information. Plenty of businesses from all around the globe has already adopted this new concept. Large commercial enterprises like Microsoft, PayPal, etc has also begun accepting the digital currency as for now. With an intention to streamline the payment system and to deliver an astounding user-experience, Agriya integrates coin payment system into their crowdfunding product line.

What Makes Coin Payment Remarkable?

Coin payment, unlike other typical payment gateways, is convenient and effortless when it comes to transactions. Anyhow, crypto transactions clearly have an upper hand over conventional payment methods. The major merits of adopting coin payment as your default mode of payment are listed as follows.

Secure, safe and efficient transactions

The major drawback of being involved in the traditional mode of cash transactions is security. Even though most of us claim that our payment methods are reliable and authentic, there is a high-security risk engaged in this. On the other hand, crypto transactions are much safe and secure, it doesn't require any of user’s information as well. The buyer and the user will be having a secure API key, which helps to keep the transaction secure from all possibilities of fraud.

Free of Third-party Influences

Standard payment gateways and transaction methods typically involve intermediary institutions of government influences. And the information you provide while the purchase is not as secure as you believe. But, the coin payment system is entirely free of third-party influences, and because it does not include any secondary interruptions, no one else other than the parties who are actually involved do not have any kind of impact or influence on the transactions. In fact, the system is called peer-to-peer for a reason, isn’t it?

No Tax Payments

Since there are no intermediary institutions involved in the transaction, there is no one to track and monitor the process. This makes the notion of paying sales tax negligible.

Minimum Transaction Fees

It's annoying that we have to pay extra charges for every transaction we make. However, coin payment is absolutely a different kind of approach. Because of the absence of any outside influences, the transaction charges are very low, which is close to zero. Besides the process is very fast, since it doesn’t need any specific authorizations.

Mobile Payments

The most common asked about coin payment would be this. From where do we buy digital coins? Buying digital coins are so effortless that, it can be bought despite your location, time or anything. All you need would be an active network connection.

Final Words

Agriya’s ready-made crowdfunding software include 4 different scripts (Pledge, Donate, Equity, and Lend), each denotes separate business models. Businesses can choose the appropriate by considering their business goals and requirements. However, the above given are the crucial aspects where the coin payment system outruns the normal payment methods. There are more to add to the list of merits, so perform a deep analysis before exploring the possibilities of crypto transactions.
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Agriya Launches an Advanced Social Networking Solution

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Social networks comprise an integral part of today's digital culture. It helps people connect, learn and even earn some decent revenue. Enterprises have invaded social network platforms not so long ago. They have found it potentially beneficial as the majority of internet users spend a considerable amount of their time on social network platforms. Since being admired by both individuals as well as businesses, entrepreneurs began recognizing it as a prospective business opportunity. 

With an eye to aid startup businesses, in order to help them set up an effective social media platform, Agriya launches a ready-to-deploy social networking solution.

Full-featured Solution for Sustained Social Networking Experience

Unlike other social networks in the market, the foremost social networking solution carefully integrates several many useful features to deliver a congenial yet prolonged experience. The profound research on user behaviors and expectations along with the market demands has given us the perfect picture of how an ideal social network platform looks like. Listed below the core attributes of Agriya’s social networking platform.

Optimized Website Navigation

Provided easy navigation for the users to improve the all-around user experience. No amount of complexity, users can navigate through pages, complete their actions seamlessly. This simplicity and easiness will elevate user credibility as well.

Share Videos/photos

Users can share moments, they can share stories through images and videos. They can share their favorite moments, also can react to other’s stories. The streamlined user-interface makes its simple for users to get their tasks done. 

Quick and Easy Filtration

Easy image/video enhancement options are given to help users give a personalized touch to their favorite stories. Users can perform some quick edits, add some pre-built filters and post their stories without any hassle.

Advanced Privacy Controls

Users themselves decide the audiences for their posts. They choose what to be shared on their timeline and to whom it should be shown. The complete control over their privacy will add more value to your efforts to improve the user experience.

Ratings and Reviews

Users are offered options to rate your social media platform. This can help you understand what your users are expecting from you and what is holding you back from achieving your goal. Besides, it is vital in search engine ranking as well as overall online reputation.

Full-fledged Admin Control Panel

Business can take control of all that happens on the platform. The advanced admin dashboard gives power to the businesses to take control over user-related data, security and so much more. Moreover, it helps them better manage the process.

Social Network Advertising

Integrated advertising options for businesses as an effective revenue generation strategy. One can earn income by allowing other businesses to advertise their services/products on your social media platform. The increased social media usage has provocated enterprises to invest in advertising possibilities.

Intelligent Analytical Insights

Automated insights are incorporated into the solution to help businesses get a clear-cut idea of how their users behave and what actions they are taking. By giving a transparent view on users behaviors, businesses can better plan and execute their further goals.

Real-time Notifications

Alerts and notifications can be sent to the users, thus maintain an active communication channel. Users are alerted about security, login requests usually.

The ready-made script of social networking solution is available for download. Here you can Download Social Networking Solution.


In the beginning, social networks were all about people, fun, and entertainment but, things have changed. It has turned out to be a pool of opportunities for businesses. People not only post their stories but buy and sell things via social media. The future of potential of social media in upcoming years is promising. More and more businesses will possibly step into this social media business. In fact, there is not a much better time to begin than now. Grab Agriya’s online social networking solution today! Put on an efficient social media platform from the get-go.

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