5 Topmost Reward Based Crowdfunding Websites For Fundraising

Human race has the thirst of raising money for their dreams, charities, events, business ideas and projects. During the times of recession, the thirst increases. In order to meet their goal, they search various crowdfunding websites can stimulate their fundraising process and helps them to raise funds easily. Let’s see the topmost crowdfunding websites which will help them to generate funds easily.

Anyone can raise money for anything from anywhere from this global crowdfunding website. This makes the website famous than any other website. Big global players like Ubuntu used this platform to raise funds for their new smartphone. It has hosted more than 44,000 campaigns till date and helped to raise about 170 million dollars.
This website sports all the niches of the current world. This website charges one percentage lower than other websites for successful projects. However, it takes 9% of commissions for unsuccessful projects. This website uses PayPal and bank wire for transactions of payments through the website.

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