Top 20 Business Community Websites

As we all know how today's business is being very busy and very competitive .Communicating with one other is important to share or to know about everyone's business.To do so what exactly every business needs a good websites where all the business people can come and interact with each other.We people do some research where many business people are involved and shared more informations about their business and we listed out nearly 20 sites for your reference.Hope these websites will definitely help you to find more friends in business circles and make your business to more easily and successfully.

  1. Biznik – A group of company entrepreneurs and little companies dedicated to assisting each other succeed.
  2. – A company website for UK company entrepreneurs to get quotes, advice and more.
  3. Cofoundr – A group for company entrepreneurs, programmers, designers, traders, and other individuals involved with starting new ventures.
  4. E.Factor – An system and virtual marketplace designed for company entrepreneurs, by company entrepreneurs.
  5. Ecademy –A company system for creating contacts and sharing knowledge.
  6. Entrepreneur Connect – A group by Business where experts can system, communicate, and work together with others.
  7. Fast Pitch – A company system where experts can market their company and make connections.
  8. Focus – A group targeted on assisting company decision makers and IT experts make decisions.
  9. JASEzone – An experienced group where you can find prospective clients and partners.
  10. LinkedIn – An experienced system that allows you to be introduced to and work together with other experts.
  11. Networking for Professionals – A company system that combines internet company public networking and real-life events.
  12. PartnerUp – A group connecting little company proprietors and company entrepreneurs.
  13. PerfectBusiness – A system of company entrepreneurs, traders and company experts that encourages entrepreneurship and mutual success.
  14. Plaxo – An enhanced address book tool for public networking and staying in contact.
  15. Ryze – A company public networking group that allows users to organize themselves by interests, location, and current and past employers.
  16. StartupNation – A group targeted on the exchange of ideas between company entrepreneurs and aspiring company entrepreneurs.
  17. Upspring – A public media site for promotion and public media.
  18. XING – A European company system with more than 7 million members.
  19. Young Business owner – A forum-based site for company entrepreneurs and little company proprietors who are passionate about promoting company for themselves and others.
  20. Ziggs – An experienced connection portal founded on the principles of professionalism and respect.