5 Important features you should expect in a taskrabbit clone script

taskrabbit clone script features

Taskrabbit is a service marketplace website which helps the individuals to outsource the small jobs and odd tasks in their neighborhood. It was originally founded in the year 2008 by Leah Busque. The main theme of the website was to help the users to find the genuine service professionals to perform the small tasks and jobs. The important services included in the site are cleaning, moving help, handyman, delivery service, organizing closet etc. The business and revenue model of the website was so simple with the transparent hourly prices, service charges and cancellation policy.

When developing a marketplace using a taskrabbit clone script, an entrepreneur should consider adding some important features. These features will decide the look and functionality of your marketplace website. You should never make a compromise with these features in a marketplace site.  Find the features here,

Boot strap design

With the latest update of mobilegeddon algorithm from Google, you have to look for a responsive web design for your site. The bootstrap design ensure that the content and all the components of the site are adjusting based on the size of the browser. Whether it is a smart phone, computer or a tablet, you can have a seem less experience in browsing the web pages through a bootstrap design. 

Geo location based service listing

The main focus of the taskrabbit is to find the service professionals from the near by locations. The Geo location based service listing feature enable the users to find the taskers from the local areas. Initially the user has to share his location in order to get these suggestions. Integrating this feature in a service marketplace website will be very beneficial for both the users and taskers.

Services ratings and feedback

Whether it is a e-commerce platform or a service platform, the ratings and feedback play a major role in getting the trust from the users. The service professionals providing quality services will get excellent feedback and ratings. This feature will help the users to easily find the expert and quality professionals. Also the reviews help the taskers to improve their services in future tasks. When a professional gets a bad review, the admin will also come to know the quality of work provided by that tasker. 

Service subscription

Some users will require a particular services on a regular for some period of time. In these cases, they may not have to post a task every time they need the service, instead they can make a service subscription from the service professional for that period of time. It also ensures that a service professional get the work from his regular customer.

Social verification and sharing

The social verification enable the users to find the genuine and real time professionals. The verification usually verifies the identification of a professional in Facebook, Paypal and twitter accounts. This can benefit both the service professional and the user. The tasker can also be sure that they are providing service for a genuine user. The social sharing allows the professionals to share their profile in the social media. This helps them to get the reputation and recognition from the customers.

Excellent taskrabbit clone script

Agriya, a 15 year old web development company created a taskrabbit clone with all the above listed features. These marketplace website features can help in setting up a stable platform for service professionals.The script was created in Java platform with Play! Framework. It makes use of the MYSQL database for the back-end.