Why Every Employee At Your Company Should Use LinkedIn

Having your entire workforce use LinkedIn could become your company’s rocket fuel. Yet many employers block company computers from accessing LinkedIn. They’re afraid employees will look for a new job, be poached by a recruiter or waste precious work time socializing online. According to a recent study by Statista, 10% of U.S. employees are not allowed to use LinkedIn in the workplace because access is blocked. These companies are missing out on major opportunities to build business, increase loyalty and fortify employee engagement. Here’s how your company can benefit from a focused program that encourages employees to use LinkedIn … every day.

1. Increased Visibility for Your Brand.

LinkedIn’s Best Practices Blog states that “Employees are 70% more likely to engage with your company updates.” When your employees “like” and “share” status updates, they make them visible to their contacts. This is living proof that every employee is a brand ambassador. The more views your company page has, the more potential followers. A study by BrightEdge backs this up: “Companies that have a greater proportion of their employees on LinkedIn have more followers on their company pages. In fact, 9 out of the top 10 brands with the most followers on LinkedIn have at least 60% of their employees on LinkedIn.” And when employees comment on your communications, the visibility of that item increases. The more company page followers, the higher your page will rank in LinkedIn search results, sparking greater reach and potential interaction with your content.

When your staff selects your company from the LinkedIn list when creating or updating their Experience, they automatically show up on your company’s LinkedIn page. And your company logo shows up on their page with a link back to your company page. They also become automatic followers of your company.

Your company also benefits when your employees point to your web site in one of the links in their contact info. Their impressive profile becomes another vector to your place on the web and, even better, they create inbound links to your homepage – giving it more Google value. Multiply this times your number of employees and you can quickly see what a tremendous boon LinkedIn is.

If you don’t have your employees on LinkedIn and you aren’t encouraging them to share your content – articles, promotions, videos, press releases – you’re limiting the reach of your communications. Don’t miss out on these effective opportunities to be visible to your target audience.