7 Ways to Attract Higher Quality Links With Better On-Page Content

When I first started dealing with links, I loved it because it was something that could be done without having to make changes on a website. You don't need to file a request with IT in order to link to a site.

I quickly realized that link building could definitely be good without on-page changes, but could it be great? I don't think so.

You can build lots of links that might rank a page in the top 10 for certain keywords, but it's no guarantee that the site will gain any new customers, if that's the goal. It may not pick up any new subscribers and that's where the money is for you.

Why not take the time to figure out how to make your site better from a user's perspective in order to improve the chances that people will link to you?

Here are seven on-page factors to consider when building links.

1. Types and Quality of Content

Building links can be difficult when you have great content. When you have subpar content? It can be a nightmare, unless you're willing to use riskier tactics.

One big problem that I see with the general blanket advice of "create great content" is that there isn't always a necessary emphasis on creating the right kind of content. Not every site needs a blog.

The target audience of a local plumber may not really care about the history of plumbing even though it might make for really fun trivia. They might care much more about some DIY tips written by the plumbers themselves though, or tips on a few things to check when your toilet is gushing at 2 a.m. on Saturday.

Think about what your users want to see, what they need, what they'd find useful and helpful, and see if you can create it in such a way that people outside of your target audience could also benefit. In the plumbing example, that kind of information would be helpful to people who might hire this plumber, but also for anyone who's up at 2 a.m. trying to fix a gushing toilet.

Good writing is also extremely important. If there's one thing that makes me immediately distrust or discount a site, it's poor writing.

I understand that not everyone in the world has a perfect grasp of things like proper grammar, tense, and punctuation (and I'm certainly not implying that if you don't, you're an idiot) but when I come across a site that is badly written or looks like it's been translated from English into French and back into English, three times, it's definitely difficult to take the site seriously.

I'm not talking about people whose first language isn't English but who write in English, either. I'm talking about native speakers who butcher their mother tongues when they write.

Even the best writing certainly can't distract you from the fact that what you're writing about is abysmally boring, inaccurate, or completely useless, though. I'm busy as heck and I'm sure that you are too, so when you spend 10 minutes reading a post that you initially think will give you the information that you need at that time and it doesn't? Doesn't it irritate you?

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