How to Use Google Analytics Campaign Reports

Following on from my previous article, which outlined the data and benefits within the main Acquisition reports, All Traffic and Channels, this post is going to take a deeper look at the Campaigns report.

Being under Acquisition, you can tell that this report will also contain information about where your website visitors have come from. The Campaign report, however, is one of the more tailored reports in Google Analytics as it is based on the tagging that you use, making the information in each website's report quite different.

What Does Campaign Mean?

Campaign is a term used most in advertising. Each run of advertising comes under a theme – called a campaign.

For your website, the various methods you use to encourage traffic to your website are all campaigns; some of which Google automatically recognizes and tags with Google Analytics information for you, others you have control over what they show as in your reports.

The campaign report is most often used for analyzing email and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, as these aren't always tagged with information that makes sense easily in Google Analytics.

Campaign Information

All traffic to your website has the ability to send five pieces of information to Google Analytics about where it came from, these are:

  • Medium: Traffic type (e.g., CPC)
  • Source: Detail about where the user came from (e.g., Google)
  • Campaign: Chosen name of the campaign (e.g., Brand)
  • Ad content: Name of the ad clicked (e.g., banner 1)
  • Keyword: The search query typed or keyword targeted (e.g., cheap red widget)
Not all of these need to be used on every occasion. For example, referral traffic will never need keyword information and organic search traffic won't come with a campaign name, but these five fields are the core to the Acquisition reports and those that use the Campaign field are what we're interested in today.

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Note : Take a look at the google campaign reports which contains more generic information on how to access to get better results. These details were written by anna lewis who is very keen on writing about analytic. Catch the action and other news on google+ profile.