80% of Local Searches on Mobile Phones Convert

We’re operating in a multi-screen world, where users turn to multiple devices to find what they need. This is especially true in the world of local search, where, according to recent survey findings, 63 percent now using multiple devices to find a local business. And, 79 percent of them are mobile phone users, while 81 percent are tablet owners, according to the research.

But what are they searching for, and what do they expect to find? More importantly, do they convert? These are the questions sought to be answered by research commissioned by Neustar and 15miles, and conducted by comScore. Let’s look at a few highlights of the findings.

What People are Searching for Locally

The survey results show categories of businesses that are the most popular in local search, and no surprise, restaurants are among the top:

According to the survey:
  • Restaurants are searched for 23 percent of the time.
  • Auto service establishments and dealerships at a rate of 10 percent.
  • Arts and entertainment at 9 percent.
What Results Mobile Searchers Expect

Many businesses today are looking past the initial hurdle of having a mobile-optimized site, and asking, “What content do we serve our mobile users?” Well, 65 percent of smartphone users said their searches were “driven by a need for information on the go.”

“As a result, mobile phone and tablet searchers don’t want to be overwhelmed with content, but do expect details like addresses (mobile) and basic product/service information (mobile and tablet),” the survey announcement said.