Enhanced Admin Interface Feature in Agriya's FP Platform

Agriya viewed the future of the microjobs industry and introduced the Fiverr clone script - FPPlatform. It helps you to launch your website within a short span of time. It also fabricates many beneficial features into your website. Let’s experience the importance of one its features in detail.

Admin interface

This option helps you to manage and control the entire back-end of your microjobs website. As a webmaster, you can analyze the performance of the website, complete control over the user engagement like user registration rate, user login details, listing, etc.

It also helps you to analyze the performance related to job orders, feedback, request, etc. T
his makes the admin to have a convenient feel while accessing the website.

Vital words

This feature helps to access your website comfortably. There are many such beneficial aspects in this script keep in touch with Agriya to know more details about this Fiverr clone script.