Essential Features used in Car Rental Script to Develop Auto Rental Platform

car rental script features

Bringing life to the comprehensive car or vehicle rental platform is determined how easy it is to access. The latest release from the Agriya, web development company is car rental software which meets all your need absolutely. This post is completely about the feature richness of Agriya’s auto rental software.

Richness of features

Take advantage of the facilities integrated with our everlasting car rental software to get a clear understanding of this ready-made software in the wider perspective.

User-friendly listing facility

Listing of cars is the most significant aspect that helps the end users in identifying their desired cars with all specific car characteristics. We made our script with a distinctive listing form for facilitating the car owners to effectively list their car in order to get clients on the consistent basis.

The listing also emphasises and bring in the difference between the car classification based on need, luxury, want, and demand.   

Pricing strategy implemented in this software

While talking about the pricing of the car for the rental purpose should be realistic and viable. We help you in fixing up the price of the cars by analysing the current market trend. Our software pricing strategy is that allows the car owners to fix the rental charge within the minimum and maximum range fixed. 

This absolute pricing strategy gives a way out for the entrepreneurs to run their own car rental in a more successful manner.

Discounting system

Get benefits from various kinds of the discounting system incorporated in our vehicle rental system. Make use of each and every option for helping the car owners to render offer, discount or slash price on renting the car for the users and gaining more loyal and consistent users swiftly. Here are those features.   
  • Discount,
  • Special discount, and
  • Coupon.
Renting terms & conditions

Renting terms and conditions must be clear and understandable in order to avoid the dispute or any misunderstanding. The ready-made car rental script developed by the top-notch developers of Agriya  comes with numerous rules and regulation. It includes cancellation terms, minimum renting time, late arrival fee, grace time beyond the rented timing, and much more.

Payment gateways

We do power our off the shelf car rental software with payment gateways that assist the car owner, car companies, and end users to effortlessly pay their bills on time with utmost comfort.  

General settings  

The general website settings also play a major role in the success of operating the online car rental system. This software is developed with the comprehensive user and admin dashboard, the best front-end and back-end, Google analytics, currency converter, and search engine optimized to lift up the website in the best possible manner. The script also comes with an absolute vehicle rental revenue model to earn more money.

Concluding words

There are immense facilities integrated into this software. Make the best use of this software to run a successful car rental platform in a minimum time period.