8 Essential Steps for SEOs in Planning Online PR

Just sending out a single press release now and again is not going to get you very far in gaining publicity and editorial links. If you really want to tap into the benefits of online PR, you’ve got to take a long-term view and build your credibility with the media, and your clients.

That single press release might get you coverage, but such success is the exception rather than the rule. Your target journalist may just miss your message, may not have a slot to fit you in, or maybe they meant to write about you but just plain forgot.

But send newsworthy press releases out regularly and journalists will start to remember you and recognize your work - and your probability of getting coverage will increase. However, finding newsworthy stories is also hard - you’ve got to have a plan and this article will explore the essential steps.

1. Build Trust With Your Client

Public relations is one of those industries where clients have got their fingers burnt on occasions. So they can be skeptical and you need to build trust.

Using HelpAReporter.com is a good place for SEOs to start with online PR, and can be a great way to build confidence and trust in your ability. The service gives you:
  • experience of what journalists are looking for
  • an opportunity to pitch and interact with journalists
  • editorial coverage and links when your pitches are successful
While it’s an extremely useful adjunct to link-building, you can’t build a PR campaign on HARO alone.