Choosing an Airbnb clone script – an ultimate solution for vacation rental business

Vacation Rental Script

Aiming to replicate the success of Airbnb and make it big in the online home rental space by making huge profits? Then, the primary of all is the script you select. A thoughtfully chosen script can give you the desired results.

It is obviously known that vacation rentals industry is buzzing. There are statistics proving that the industry is rising with every passing year and giving the hotel industry a run for its money.

The concept of vacation rentals, as most of you are already aware of, is simple. A website connects the property owners with that of travelers or accommodation seekers. It is similar to a hotel room booking website. However, as mentioned, it is the public owning the property who is set to benefit by renting out their property.

On a website, which you start using high-quality vacation rentals script means offering a next generation website to your users – property owners and travelers. When opting the script, look out if the script has all necessary, modern features, easy user interface and navigation, revenue options integrated and so on.

Choose a script rich in features

Excellent features in a script can make a world of difference to your website. Features are central to your online accommodation booking site.

Here are a few features that are a must have – Integrated Google Analytics, Social sharing, Social network connectivity, Calenders settings, Dispute management system, Google map integration, and many others. 

Choosing a script with amazing navigation

A cluttered site is a failed site. The users on the site you startup should find is very simple during every step they take. Right from logging in to checking out, it has to be a hassle free experience for your users. To offer this, the chosen script should be ideal. The call-to-action buttons have to be placed strategically so that the user will not find it hard to click them. Ensure that not much time is taken by your user to take an action on your site.

The less the time taken by the user to carry out a task on the site, the more is the user experience you offer.

Final word

The Airbnb clone developed by Agriya is state-of-the-art product putting into use technologies like PHP, Linux, MySQL, Apache, among others. Success can be easily attained by you with complete support. Importantly, you can also get the script customized according to your wishes.