3 must have features in a promising Fiverr clone script

How to create a website like Fiverr in the most cost effective and time saving way? Many entrepreneurs have this question.  A ready-made Fiverr clone script is the apt solution for them. It can not only create a website like Fiverr with 60+ features and numerous revenue options, but also provide various high tech options which can comfort you in multiple ways. Let’s see the 3 must have features of the Fiverr clone script.

Lightning fast website loading speed

Time is money, if your microjobs website takes more than 15 seconds to load the website, you will be out of the competition. So, that’s one of the reasons our Fiverr clone script should empower your website to load at a rapid pace. It has 8 high tech features which can accelerate your website speed by over 300%. This will help you to attract mobile users, desktop users and secure good rankings in major search engine websites.

Control the website with ease.

A promising Fiverr clone script provides you a smart and secure admin interface, which helps to manage, maintain and control the entire microjobs website with ease. The script’s back-end should have various options for handling payments, users, request, performance reports, online marketing options and much more. All these options are neatly placed to provide you maximum sophistication for you while you manage your website.

Responsive to the core

How would it be if you don’t have to separately optimize the website for mobile users? Well, a Fiverr clone script should power the pixel of Fiverr clone with smartness. They can analyze the screen resolutions and automatically adapt themselves to the device.

Final word

A Fiverr clone script should have the above-mentioned three features which can provide a multitude of benefits.