Grab the benefits of surprises with Agriya’s newly launching BlaberChat - WhatsApp Clone Script

As steady stream of instant messaging apps are releasing every now and then. As a result of this growing trend, Agriya is coming up with an exclusive product to make your business more impressive and lucrative. Agriya is seeking to fill in some of the gaps in the reach of instant messaging app empire by launching a new standalone version of messenger and our latest product - iPhone app called ‘Blaber Chat’. We are shortly launching ‘Blaber Chat’ - an instant messaging app script which possess innovative features for the users looking for a free and reliable way to communicate as well as ensuring a real boost into your business

Blaber Chat presenting you set of effective offers!

In order to make this launch a special one, we are adding a real boost into your business by giving attractive offers. These phenomenal offers are designed to lead you towards a bigger user base. Check out the exciting offer list right below - 

50% Discount Offer 

One of the nicer deals offered by Agriya is 50% discount on the retail price for initial 20 clients. So if you wish to get this flourishing app at half a price, get it touch with us right away. 

Free Technical Support

Another added offer in the memorandum is that all the clients will be given free post disbursement technical support services for 6 months. You don’t want to miss this one!

Free Upgrade

We are giving free up-gradation service for up to one year.

Free Installation and Submission

We are also giving away free installation and submission services along with an assurance that our app functionality matches the Apple guidelines in order to pass the review test. 

Why choose Blaber Chat?

Instant messaging apps are becoming prominent simply because of the fact that its the most easiest medium to get connected. We understand this hence, we are coming up with an exclusive iPhone app - Blaber Chat which is crafted to perfection with abundant features to fulfill your professional requirement. 

Benefits of Blaber Chat?

File Sharing Size - Unlike other popular apps, this iPhone app stands out from the rest as it will allow your user to share or transfer any file format with a size bigger than 50 MB each securely.

Instant Customization - Users will be enabled to do instant customization in images with respect to rotating and cropping within the chat window.

High End Connectivity - Our customer base is developed by the polished and respectful service. This time we are implementing it by offering high-end connectivity to all the clients through our Blaber Chat development services.

Wrap up

Agriya’s sole vision is to combine with a thorough and comprehensive analysis of current global trends and create compelling products to bootstrap a larger communication as a whole. If you are looking for a flourishing instant messaging platform, get in touch with us today.