Amazing facts of 99designs contest industry

An amazing concept enters into the online market. It plants various seeds of success and provides various flavors of fruits to the designers and the contest holders.  This concept is known as design contest. This concept is adapted by many websites like 99designs. Seeing their popularity and fame many people are planning to build a 99designs clone website.

Motivating facts for building a 99designs clone website:

Researching a particular industry is the most important fact for a business. We performed a research to know why we should develop a 99designs clone website. We found some amazing facts about this industry. Let’s have a look at these facts.

Magical color of design contest market:

The designs are all about creatively using the colors and combine them with shapes. These colors are combined with various other colors to give a classy finish. Every color is known for vibrating a feeling and a message. One of these colors has expressed calmness, loyalty and intelligence. It is none other than blue.

A famous design contest website 99designs have declared that blue is the most successful color. Many of its winning designs were designed with an element of blue in them.

Highest pay for a logo design :

A logo is a symbol or a group of words and symbols which represents the company in marketing, advertising and various other mediums. Many business organizations have a bad logo design. 99 designs conducted a survey and found that, more than 14% of corporate organizations are ready to pay 1000$ for a good logo design.

Earnings of the designers from 99 designs :

The design contest industry is very vast. Various designers take part in these contests and get the prize money. More than 50 million dollars have been awarded to the winning designers. This fact motivates various designers to submit their designs in these contests.

The average number of designers submitted in a design contest : 

Designers have a look at the requirement of the contest and if they can meet the demands, they submit their designs. Most of these designers submit more than one entry, so it can increase their chances of winning. On an average 100 designs are submitted for every contest in 99 designs. 

The contest holder gets the opportunity to choose a design from these 100 designs. It gives him a wide range of creativity and options at an economical price.

These facts have motivated many webmasters to build a 99design clone website.

How to develop a 99designs clone website in days?

There are various ways of developing a website, one of these ways is a smart, crisp and a time saving mechanism. It is known as clone scripts. They have various other advantages like inbuilt features, inbuilt mechanisms, template friendly, pre designed web pages and pre coded website. All you need to do is update install it on your server, update your content and integrate a payment mechanism and you are done. You can launch a 99designs clone website in days.

Reach of this market :

This 99design clone website can serve many verticals like, T-shirt designs, apparel designs, landing page designs, logo and brochure designing, web designing, etc.  This industry has provided a ray of sunshine for designers and contest holders from every corner of the world. Use this concept and add the spice of innovation and earn enormously from this concept.