Launch a freelance bidding app to Android users using Getlancer Bidding

freelancer clone android app

Having an intention and ambition of launching a freelance jobs app for the Android users? Then, with all the honed entrepreneurial skills, which you possess, you get to choose a right app script for it. As the freelance industry is growing bigger and bigger, the demand for the one best application is growing tremendously.

Meeting the demand of both freelancers and employees is a prerequisite. They should find the app you launch to be the best platform. Once this is achieved, success will be yours as you witness a constant growth in your profits.

Choosing the best app script for your application

The one app script, which will best suit all your business needs is the Agriya's Getlancer Bidding, which is a freelancer clone. The app script, developed specially for Android Operating System, will help you to open up a freelance jobs website for those using Android as their OS.

The freelancer clone android app script works on a simple concept of connecting freelancers and employers. Employees looking for a freelance work can just log into your app, and bid for the jobs that have been put up by the employer. From the list of freelancers who have made a bid, the employer selects someone.

Both employer and freelancer can have an account on your app. All professional details related to employers and freelancers can be made visible. This way, both parties can know each other better, their history of jobs, and much more.

Rich in features and great in user interface

The freelancer clone app script comes with all necessary features. They not only help your app users in their activities but are also technology-driven to make your app a successful venture. Apart from the features, the navigation which the users will experience will be easy. From start to finish, i.e., from signing in to choosing an employer or freelancer, all tasks can be finished without any hassles.

Given the fact that the app script is developed by Agriya, a firm with one and half decade of experience in the world of web development, quality is given a top priority. Expectedly, entrepreneurs can also get the app script customized according to their needs.


An excellent app, proper features and best marketing strategies, combined with spirit to succeed, will make you a successful entrepreneur in the world of freelancing industry.