2014 AdWords Wishlist

Enhanced campaigns, image extensions, third party reviews... the list goes on. Fantastic features that have improved performance for search marketers.

But we always want more, don't we?

What do we hope that 2014 will bring from Google to make us really happy?

What We Want

The lists below aren't sorted by importance or even feasibility. This is speculative stuff.


More and better demographic data. Demographic data in search is a tricky business, but if anybody can solve this it's Google. Their data quality has come a long way in the last couple of years but it still has the scope to get better.

Third party data in search. If I have a cookied list of people who have made a phone call to my business, I want to be able to adjust my bids and targeting for those users. In fact, I'd like to be able to buy third party data and apply that to my search targeting. There's a lot of it out there I can use on my display campaigns, and think how great the performance could be on search!

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Peter Doguly has explained in this article about the wishlist for adwords. Also he would like to write more about the clone script products like thumbtack clone script, kickstarter clone script,etc...