3 must have revenue options in a Kickstarter clone script

Unity is power, why not use this power to raise funds. Well that’s exactly the concept of crowdfunding. This concept has matured into an industry. You can easily step in this industry and start a crowdfunding website by using a Kickstarter clone script.

What is Kickstarter clone script?

These are ready made script which are designed, coded and tested to launch a website like Kickstarter in a short span of time. They have all the features and revenue options built in them. So when you opt this script, every feature and revenue option will be replicated in your website.

Inbuilt revenue options

These scripts should have the following revenue models in them. This will help you to earn from your website easily. 
  • Membership fee
  • Project listing fee
  • Pledge commission
Let’s see them in detail.

Earn money when a user registers on your website

Whenever a user registers on your website, he has to pay a dedicated amount of fees to you. This revenue option ensures that your website doesn’t have any kind of spamusers. Only genuine users will be a part of your website.

Fetch revenue when user lists a crowdfunding campaign

Each user wants to evolve his idea into a potential business. He will like to put his campaign on your website. You can charge him a small amount of listing fees for displaying his campaign to the online world and helping him to arrange the funds as well.