Exceptional Clone Script Products For Business

GroupDeal – exceptional in every way possible

GroupOn introduced the concept of collective buying in the online world. Various entrepreneurs wish to create a website like GroupOn, but the development cost is sky high. Agriya took an extra mile and developed GroupDeal. It is an affordable script which assists you to create a website like GroupOn in a short span of time.

This script provides you expressive web designs, malware-free SEO optimized codes, numerous revenue options and lots of exceptional features. It has launched over 1500 GroupOn clone websites in the online world.

SFPlatform – Powered with excellent features

Crowdfunding is an industry that will prosper till the human race exists on this earth.  It is a recession free industry which can give you more returns than expected. The capital of developing a crowdfunding website like Kickstarter is about $ 10,000. In order to reduce the cost and provide a quick way to launch crowdfunding websites, Agriya specially developed SFPlatform. It is a script which will help you to quickly start a crowdfunding website.

From the web designs to the powerful admin interface, the features of this script will collectively help you to operate the crowdfunding website flawlessly. One of the websites developed by this Kickstarter clone script is also featured in times.com

360Contest – Provides more benefits than expected

Design is the most attractive form of art, which is turned out to be a good business. This has raised the demands of new and exclusive designs, which have the ability to communicate with people. This evolved the design contest industry. You can also start a 99designs clone website by using a design contest script.

Agriya’s 360Contest is the best script available online. It has 50+ features and new revenue options. This script will provide you with all the elements required to develop a design contest website.

Getlancer –A dynamic way to develop freelance websites

Generation Z likes to be their own boss. That’s one of the reasons they are turning towards freelancing website. Their demands were met by various freelancing websites like oDesk, elance and freelancer. You can use this concept and create a freelance job portal by using an Elance clone script.

Amongst all the scripts present in the online world, Getlancer meets the expectations of entrepreneurs and webmasters. It has crystal clear designs, powerful admin interface, classy user dashboard, payment options and numerous revenue options.

BuySell – Crafted for constructing online shopping malls

Online shopping is the trend of the era. Now users can buy and sell products online simultaneously. Websiteslike Etsy, eBay, Amazon have implemented this concept and achieved great success. Now you can also create an online shopping mall using Agriya’s etsy clone script– BuySell.

This script has the ultimate power to create online marketplace website quickly. It will act as a backbone of your etsy clone website. It will also help you to manage, monitor and maintain the entire website easily. It is one of the champion clone scripts in online world, which has developed more than 500 websites.