Agriya released an amazing Burblr iPhone App - Tinder clone

Are you looking to have fun with dating via a digital medium? Here, Agriya has dominated with mobile technology and takes you every single step in a future with mobile devices. Recently we launched a remarkable and interactive Burblr iPhone App with advanced technology and enhanced features for our trendsetting Tinder clone

Entrepreneurs can use the Burblr iPhone App, which rebuilds the offline dating experience online and ensures digital dating experience similarly like Tinder, Swoon, and Grindr apps. This iPhone App is revamped with digital dating scenario to startup your own dating application business effectively and with cost effective prices.

 You can smartly manage and run your dating business successfully through Burblr iPhone App that helps you to earn more revenue and makes you as ahead of competitors in the digital world. In addition, Tinder iPhone App ensures high functionality and unique responsive experience for users. 
You can apply your innovative thoughts to gratify all your dating needs and shorten run away for launching dating application business by leveraging the native iPhone App. 

How it works?

User can find and chat with people near your home town or far away, who can swipe right for like or swipe left for dislike. Grab to know new people, ask anything and get matched if you both liked each other. You can search them based on your likes, dislikes, place of living, etc. 
In addition, we provide you smarter dating apps like Tinder filled with advanced features, which ensure good ROI in a short period. Our Burblr iPhone App is built with world-class API to enhance user experience and user interface. Tinder iPhone App is customizable like event listing/booking app and enables you to chat with a specific user. 

Terrific Features

Facebook Integration: 

This interactive Burblr app is inbuilt with Facebook sign up to increase app’s engagement and its user retention. It creates a good community around your app and increase user interaction & base among the people across the globe. User activities can be posted on their Facebook wall and they can interact with other people by viewing each other profiles.
User receives attention from friends and family members if anything is shared about the app or its features on Facebook. A unique thing about Facebook integration of the Tinder app is to leverage powerful features via a single interface. 

Profile Settings:

User need to provide all your required information up-to date for signup using Facebook. Notification will send to you automatically, if any changes are made on your Facebook profile. Further, by accessing view profile button or user image, user can edit their profile effortlessly. 
Discover Settings:
User can set their preference range and geo-location radius to find people within their nearby locality distance. This option helps users to meet people easily & rapidly and presents person with age limits. In addition, it will display you a list of potential matches.

User Bulletin: 

A major thing in a social integration app is to protect users away from spammers or malwares. So our community portal is configured with a powerful interface and advanced technology, which give notification alert for any user involved in trespass. Finally, particular user will be banned from the admin panel by webmaster. 

Matching Algorithm 

It is build-up to discriminate against user with matching page and login page. Our unique algorithm will perform custom value in an elegant way with simple coding to implement perfect match making part systematically.


Chat and Messages play a crucial role in any social media app. So Burblr iPhone App is integrated with flawless user interface and advanced technology platform to ensure rapid and mobile-friendly chat option. 

Bottom line:

No limit for business growth along with a web enabled app. Make use of this outstanding and stunning Burblr App to enlighten your dating business with your iPhone within a few days. Partner with us, since we are passionate about app development if you any idea for commercial app.