Take Your Mobile App Marketing Campaigns to the Next Level With Deep Linking

What separates a successful mobile app from an unsuccessful one? Design, ease of use, demand, effectiveness, etc. all play their part.

The truth is, however, that effective marketing can make a huge difference between an app that is a commercial success and one that gets lost amongst the ever burgeoning crowd of daily released apps.

In addition to putting some marketing effort behind you app’s promotion, it's incredible how many app developers and marketers aren't aware of capabilities of mobile app such as what mobile deep linking is, never mind how to use it to benefit their marketing campaigns

Let's take a quick look at a few steps you can take to significantly enhance the success of your app through smarter marketing with deep links.

How is Deep Linking Different for the Web and Mobile Apps?

Deep linking is a common term and concept in the online marketing world. Every online marketer knows how to grab the URL for a page within their website or a specific landing page and use them as the destination page for their marketing campaigns.

Mobile app deep linking allows users to click links to view specific content within your app, or download your app, depending on if they have your app installed. If a person doesn’t have your app installed and clicks on a deep link, they will automatically be directed to your app’s page in the App Store so they can download your app before proceeding to your deep link destination.

Both have a similar philosophy behind them, but the technology is different.

When used on websites, deep linking refers to using a hyperlink that links to the address of a specific piece of content (http://example.com/signup) rather than a homepage address (http://example.com).

In mobile deep linking, URIs (uniform resource identifiers) addresses are used to lead to other areas of your app (rather than URLs) to take users to specific screens within your app.

The benefit of using deep links for mobile apps is the ability for marketers to bring users directly to a specific location within the app.

Imagine only being able to use a homepage link for all your marketing campaigns. You wouldn’t dare!
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