Releasing Agriya’s technically improved version of freelance scripts - Getlancer Bidding, Job & portfolio

The trend towards gig economy is growing, so is the freelancing workforce. There is a significant increase in short-term jobs. Freelancing websites, the medium that connect freelancers with suitable employers are bringing in new changes focused on making the workflow more simpler and easier. Be it upgrading to a new technology or optimizing the business model with advanced features and functionalities, changes are imparted efficiently and conveniently. In concurrence, Agriya is upgrading its freelance marketplace scripts - Getlancer through latest applicable developments. 

What’s this update all about? 

Now, with this update, the script becomes more scalable. It’s achieved by paying greater attention to caching. Ultimately, right scaling and architecture will be in place to handle the increased load. Eventually, it encourages more concurrent users without any interruption. More towards improving the performance of script, careful tuning is done effectuating error-free code. 

The front-end will now be supported by powerful javascript framework, Angular JS. Whereas, the back-end by popular PHP micro-framework slim. Combining these two frameworks, the script turns securer and stable. 

To bring about heightened user interaction and experience, conversational interfaces and functional animations are enhanced on UX design part. Also, the interface is developed to be flexible transforming between an advanced and novice user. Necessary changes are done to effect better visibility status of the system. With that done, both freelancers and employers can be in action always. 

The REST technology

With slim framework being adopted, this application becomes RESTful. Here, a simple API is built with the slim framework. REST- Representational State Transfer Technology, through tighter security measures, makes the script turn securer. Simply, this makes the app even more flexible by handling the HTTP methodologies explicitly.  

The motive behind the upgrade

Enhancements done on the technical front helps the platform to turn user-friendly. Easier the usability, more hassle-free the workflow becomes. For an industry like freelancing, where usability is considered an indispensable and determining component for success, it’s paramount to drive complexity out. In concurrence, Agriya is offering exactly that for the mentioned three Getlancer products. 

Here's the demo,

Final words

The tweaks that are done, both technical and strategical wise can help entrepreneurs achieve a platform supporting large user engagement. Try this new install put together by entire file system upgrade and move ahead of the competition.