5 Topmost Features of Agriya’s New Fiverr Clone Script

Agriya’s FPPlatform is the next big thing happened in microjobs industry since Fiverr. It is a ready-made script which will help you to create a website like Fiverr in 48 hours. This script has a whole new mechanism which can’t be found in any of the major microjobs website. Let’s check out the 5 topmost features of Agriya’s microjobs and Fiverr clone script-FPPlatform.

 Quickly request a gig from the freelancers

This is the most exceptional feature of FPPlatform. It provides an option to your website where users can request a gig from other freelancers on the website. This script analyzes the requirements and sends an email to all the freelancers who can provide those services. If the freelancers who are interested in providing the service, they can serve their request.

Accelerate the loading speed of your website

Quick website loading speed will lead to quick results in search engine websites. It will also be friendly for the users. Agriya’s Fiverr clone script-FPPlatform understands these requirements and provides the below-mentioned 8 high speed features.

•    PullCDN
•    Cloud flare
•    E-mail Delivery
•    Redis
•    Google page Speed
•    Full page cache
•    Memcached
•    Amazon S3.

These all features can boost the website speed by more than 300%.

Best viewing experience in all the devices

The crystal clear designs of this Fiverr clone script are optimized in such a way that it smartly fits in any kind of device in the world. The pixels of the designs automatically adjust themselves to the screen resolutions of browsers and various devices. This helps the website to comfortably access the website in their mobiles.

Calm the disputes of the users

Disputes may occur between users and employers. If they are not solved at the right time, the users and the employers may switch over to the other microjobs website. But this doesn’t happen in Fiverr clone websites developed by Agriya. The script has a unique dispute management system, where the website admin reviews the entire dispute and responds in favor of the user or employer who has not done any foul play.

Go Viral on social media websites

Agriya’s Fiverr clone script has a social media marketing feature which helps the website owner to reach more than 2 billion social media users. The website will allow logging in from social media connectivity options, sharing post and promoting the website easily. This will help you to attract new users, draw more traffic and increase the popularity of a microjobs website.

Final Word

The above-mentioned five features are some of the exceptional features of this Fiverr clone script. It also has multi-dimensional features which can help you to reap the benefits in various ways.