Image Ad Best Practices For The Google Display Network

Creating image ads can be a daunting task!

If you’re using the Google AdWords ad builder templates, your options are a bit more limited, so make sure you’re following these steps as closely as you can to try and get the best out of them.

If you have an in-house designer or are paying someone to make ads for you, then you don’t want them to have to make several iterations, so take note of the points below before getting started.

1. What Is The Purpose Of Having Image Ads?

Often, brands will just make image ads without thinking about the strategy behind them. What are your plans for them, and do you need to create different sets for different strategies?

Prepare a brief outline of the criteria you’d like for your ads to ensure you get the right message across. Decide if you’re looking for direct response or if the aim is to raise brand awareness, then come up with a plan based on that decision.

It can be costly to create many different sets of ads if you’re using a designer, but it’s important to note that even just a slight variation in text can make all the difference in the world, depending on the audience you’re targeting. Try to get a couple of sets of ads made up to ensure you’re carrying on ad testing here, even if it is just a slight tweak.

You’ll need to consider that remarketing might require a different strategy. As well as thinking about running dynamic remarketing ads to show specific products, you may well want to design some ads to show special messages and offers or to upsell to people.

Once you’ve decided whom you want to target and with which message, then these ads will most likely need to be different to your normal display ads for new users. Again, try to test a couple of different looks or messages.

Source : Image Ad Best Practices For The Google Display Network