The things Indians are willing to do for $5

What would you do for $5? Hold up signboards outside monuments? Propose to someone else's girlfriend? Tell the future? Give out your mom's secret recipes? These are just some of the innovative, and sometimes downright bizarre, gigs Indians are selling for $5 on

Fiverr is an Israeli start-up founded on the premise of micro-entrepreneurship. You can offer any gig you think is worth $5. A potential buyer who likes what you're offering may then place an order. After the gig is delivered, you get $4 and Fiverr takes $1 as commission. In case of scalable tasks or add-ons offered, the cost of the gig goes up by multiples of 5. This quick-fire way of making some cash has got India's attention, too. Acccording to Internet analytics firm, Alexa, 21.5% of the site's visitors last month - the largest chunk - were from India.

So who are these people and what are they selling/buying? Take Ojas Tayal. A third-year student of Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture at IIT Kharagpur, he offers to put up 100 flyers at 'strategic spots' on the college campus for $5. Add another $10, and he'll print them, too. "Flyers are a common means of publicity in college. So I thought why not put it up as a gig?" Trust an IITian to innovate! Tayal started off on the portal in January with transcription services in Hindi and English. "I want to earn a few extra bucks while studying and get some experience in freelancing," he says.

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