Integrating Coin Payment for Assured Security and Confidentiality: Agriya to Enhance their Crowdfunding Scripts

Digital money is a novel concept, which has gained some serious traction recently, because of its more secure, confidential and reliable mode of operation. When printed money and usual mode of transactions requires mandatory user information, coin payment entirely eradicates this notion of getting user-related information. Plenty of businesses from all around the globe has already adopted this new concept. Large commercial enterprises like Microsoft, PayPal, etc has also begun accepting the digital currency as for now. With an intention to streamline the payment system and to deliver an astounding user-experience, Agriya integrates coin payment system into their crowdfunding product line.

What Makes Coin Payment Remarkable?

Coin payment, unlike other typical payment gateways, is convenient and effortless when it comes to transactions. Anyhow, crypto transactions clearly have an upper hand over conventional payment methods. The major merits of adopting coin payment as your default mode of payment are listed as follows.

Secure, safe and efficient transactions

The major drawback of being involved in the traditional mode of cash transactions is security. Even though most of us claim that our payment methods are reliable and authentic, there is a high-security risk engaged in this. On the other hand, crypto transactions are much safe and secure, it doesn't require any of user’s information as well. The buyer and the user will be having a secure API key, which helps to keep the transaction secure from all possibilities of fraud.

Free of Third-party Influences

Standard payment gateways and transaction methods typically involve intermediary institutions of government influences. And the information you provide while the purchase is not as secure as you believe. But, the coin payment system is entirely free of third-party influences, and because it does not include any secondary interruptions, no one else other than the parties who are actually involved do not have any kind of impact or influence on the transactions. In fact, the system is called peer-to-peer for a reason, isn’t it?

No Tax Payments

Since there are no intermediary institutions involved in the transaction, there is no one to track and monitor the process. This makes the notion of paying sales tax negligible.

Minimum Transaction Fees

It's annoying that we have to pay extra charges for every transaction we make. However, coin payment is absolutely a different kind of approach. Because of the absence of any outside influences, the transaction charges are very low, which is close to zero. Besides the process is very fast, since it doesn’t need any specific authorizations.

Mobile Payments

The most common asked about coin payment would be this. From where do we buy digital coins? Buying digital coins are so effortless that, it can be bought despite your location, time or anything. All you need would be an active network connection.

Final Words

Agriya’s ready-made crowdfunding software include 4 different scripts (Pledge, Donate, Equity, and Lend), each denotes separate business models. Businesses can choose the appropriate by considering their business goals and requirements. However, the above given are the crucial aspects where the coin payment system outruns the normal payment methods. There are more to add to the list of merits, so perform a deep analysis before exploring the possibilities of crypto transactions.