5 reasons to launch online marketplace using TaskRabbit clone

taskrabbit clone

It is now easy to get small tasks completed by outsourcing them. A marketplace website can connect people who want their tasks done with people willing to complete them. On such a task-outsourcing website, an individual can list the task to be performed along with the amount that he can pay a person for finishing the task. The interested person does the task by getting paid.

Because of the increasing popularity for such websites, many entrepreneurs see in it a good business opportunity. To transform their idea into action, they, however, need a perfect script that can create an excellent task outsourcing marketplace website. TaskRabbit clone script would surely be the right choice. The script is developed based on the successful TaskRabbit platform. The script can power your website with superior designs, top notch user-friendly navigation, and high scalability. Many other such reasons play a role in making this script an apt choice for your website.

5 reasons why entrepreneurs should opt for TaskRabbit clone

  1. Different types of tasks can be sought and offered on your task-outsourcing website. All these tasks have to be properly categorized so that it would be easier for users. The admin should also be able  to sub-categorize the categories. Category management system present in the TaskRabbit clone will surely come in handy. Categorizing tasks translates into easy access for users, hence more business for your website. 

  2. For your website to be successful, it should be the darling of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Using TaskRabbit clone script for your website means no worries about marketing and promotion of your website. Meta-data management, robots.txt are some of the on-page optimization features that are inbuilt in it. The SEO-friendly URL's will ensure that your website is featured in the first page of the search engine results. 

  3. The user-friendliness is of utmost importance. The long registration process may drive away the potential users of your website. Ensuring that no such thing happens, the TaskRabbit clone has got social media connectivity. Its advantage is that users can login using social media platforms like Twitter and facebook. 

  4. Users may need a particular task or service time and again. Services subscriptions as a feature can be very helpful. In case the user wants a particular service for a week or a month, he can subscribe to that specific service for a specific period of time. This feature can connect the task-seeker and task-provider for a long time, and also the task provider can get regular work. 

  5. The TaskRabbit clone also has all the famous payment gateways integrated, called by the name SudoPay. The prime motive behind this integration is to offer a hassle-free payment process for all your users. It is your website users who would get the advantage of choosing the payment gateway of their choice. 


Not just the above mentioned 5 reasons, a plethora of reasons prove that TaskRabbit clone from Agriya will be the smart choice for entrepreneurs to launch a service marketplace website. This totally customizable and bug-free clone can also create your website immediately so that your business can start off prosperously.