Crowdfunding-Equity iPhone App

These days, everlasting changes and promotions are taking place in the world of mobile technology, whereas Smartphones and Tablets are all changing the world around us so quickly. Indeed mobile users are waiting to grab work done rapidly with a few taps in their phones. 

Being as honest to our clients, Agriya has struggled to cope with these modifications in the mobile market and released the rapid introduction of stunning and world-class iPhone Applications with infinite possibilities for our trendsetting Crowdfunding equity script

Let us look out how this native iPhone App will be the perfect match out for the today’s entrepreneurs.

This iPhone Application will be a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to run their endless equity based Crowfunding business within a few taps in their iPhones rapidly with ease. You can pitch out their innovative ideas to gratify all your fundraising needs by leveraging this exclusive interactive iPhone Application. 

Utilizing this remarkable iPhone application, entrepreneurs can make a complete revolution and achieve huge success rate in the fundraising industry. You can acquire rewards & allowances by launching your own fundraising business in their iPhones by using the native iPhone App due to its rapid functionality and unique responsive experience for users.

High Functionality and Working Performance of Equity iPhone App

Entrepreneurs can make use of this equity iPhone application to raise money and make a solid investment easily with a lot of attention and spamming excitement in a short period. This iPhone application is configured with flawless simple interface, easy navigation, responsive designs and cutting-edge features, which will act as a backbone for entrepreneurs to acquire huge success rate in running equity Crowfunding platform.

Entrepreneurs can grab more business dealings or opportunities via the native iPhone App rather than a desktop. Both startups and entrepreneurs can make huge investments capital, earn more profit and achieve tremendous growth in a fundraising industry by using this interactive iPhone application. 

Benefits of Equity iPhone Application 

Our iPhone application ensures high stability and best performance without overloading and any interruption. Here we see some advantages of iPhone App.
Settings Page:

It is configured with your own flawless user-interface, which helps you to view our app settings options easily. You can also customize themes, colors and languages option according to your wish with unique visibility.   

Highly Secured Multiple Payment Gateways:

The iPhone App is configured with numerous payment gateways such as Sudopay, PayPal, Bitcoin and Credit & Debit Cards to make your transaction much simpler in a highly secure manner. User can deposit or make payments into your account in a website itself via these payments gateways in a seamless way.

My Account Page:

 This page provides you complete details about you and your job exactly with missing single information. In addition, you can also your update information like name, address, qualification, contact number, etc.  

You can easily find out or view list of third party & user messages that has been sent to you via the messaging option. This page includes basic details of all the messages such as from whom u got, date, timing, subject and so on. It acts as intercommunication channel between you and users in the Crowdfunding site itself. 


The menu page is configured with responsive animated designs and flawless UI, which help easily navigate to other pages with different options based on your project categories. 

Splash Screen:

The splash screens of the iPhone App sends notification alert to the user during process of program loading. This setting is applicable in Crowdfund with the logo. 

Vivid words:

For the past 15 years, Agirya is a leading web development and ensures a huge success rate in generating iPhone App. Entrepreneurs can have a good start and become as ahead of challenging competitor in the Crowdfunding industry by making use of our amazing iPhone app based on our trendsetting Crowdfunding equity script. 

By pursuing above mentioned benefits, if you are looking to install native iPhone app in your iPhones? Then just visit Agriya’s stores to get detailed information about this app and downloaded it from the play store at any time.