Agriya launches the next-generation crowdfunding donate iPhone application

The concept of crowdfunding continues to take the financial world by storm. And in the days to come, it is only set to grow bigger and bigger. Equally, it is also becoming the centre of attraction for entrepreneurs. They see a business opportunity in it. Launching a donation-based crowdfunding website will be rewarding for them in terms of profits.

However, launching a crowdfunding donate iPhone app may seem challenging. Given the availability of high-quality crowdfunding donate iPhone application software, there needs to be no worry of your app creation and launch. 

The application software, which can help you create an amazing donation crowdfunding app, should be your choice for multiple reasons. Here, let us analyze why an entrepreneur should choose Agriya's Crowdsourcing donation app software.

Designed and developed to work amazingly

For any application you launch, for that matter, the working mechanism has to be simply super. Considering that, the crowdfunding donate application for your iPhone users, has been developed.

The easy user-interface gives an amazing navigation to your app users. After logging in, one can visit the projects page containing the list of projects that were created by other users. And in the project view page, information related to the project like About, Updates, Followers, Backers and comments are seen. 

Apart from that, there is a donate project page and post new project page. The beauty on the donate project page is that apart from the easiness with which one can donate, it also allows the donor to hide name, hide donated amount, etc. 

Next is the Post new project page. This will be a four step process. First, the project campaigner has to fill the basic information. Second, project details are to be provided. Third, the option of adding reward items is to be mentioned. On the last step, social and attachment options are provided.

All is not over. There are many more options once a user, be it a donor or a fundraiser, registers and enters your app. 

Choosing this crowdfunding donate iPhone app software for your website: Reasons umpteen

As mentioned, it is the usability and the easy navigation in the crowdfunding donate iPhone app that make it endearing. Alongside, the cutting-edge features, which are necessary to make your crowdfunding app the most famous, are many in number. Thanks to the innovation and foresightedness of the Agriya's developer team. 

The tens of features are what that make you choose the crowdfunding donate iPhone app software for creating and launching your own iPhone crowdfunding donation app. 

Inclusively, it is the components like Crashlytics, Analytics kit, ADMOB, iRate and Showcasing Other Apps that give this software an edge.


Being decisive when choosing the software to create and launch your Donation-based crowdfunding app for your iPhone users is important. Choosing the best mean success will be yours as an owner of a donation-based crowdfunding application.