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uber clone script

Uber is the most successful business model, which has happened by connecting cab drivers with that of passengers. This model is replicated in many countries by many entrepreneurs, who have tasted success. An increasing number of entrepreneurs plan to launch a best taxi app, a uber clone and want to dethrone the market leaders with innovation, better service and trust.

How to launch an app like Uber for iPhone and Android users

On-demand taxi booking can be done only by using apps, which have to be downloaded from the Play store of Android or app store of Apple. To launch a taxi booking app for iPhone or for Android, you need a software. Agriya has spent a quite good amount of time in developing a uber clone script, taxi booking application software. The software is state-of-the-art, with the best features in it. The user-experience has been given top priority so that the final app you launch emerges as the most sought after amongst the cab-seeking public and drivers.

Using the app software, it will be a matter of time for entrepreneurs to enter the market. The software, primarily, has got an easy working mechanism wherein the taxi can be booked with ease

Working mechanism of uber clone app software

App-based taxi services are fast, reliable and affordable. This is the opinion held by the public who hire taxis. The working mechanism, as it is obvious, is run by the use of Google maps. Making a call and booking the taxi is a thing of past. Taxi seekers can just open the app, check for the vehicles and their types available, choose the time at which they want taxi and just press the button. They also can give the location at which they want to be picked. After giving, in no time, the vehicle arrives at the doorsteps.

Added to the easy working mechanism is the easy payment options. Cashless payment options and electronic payment options are also added to ensure the smooth payment of fares by the passengers.


Get ready to launch a taxi booking application for both Android and iPhone users with the help of this excellent app software. Get the software customized, if required. Complete support will be provided by Agriya to ensure that you effectively launch the app.