Agriya Brings up Excellent Clone Scripts for the Online Education Marketplace

online education marketplace scripts

It's clear as water that knowledge sharing has gone through a complete makeover with the rise of technologies. Students all over the globe are preferring the online learning platform to enhance their knowledge and to do it at their convenient time and duration, motivates them more to learn online. The tutors and the trainers were also able to see the advantages of using this tremendous platform.  Increase in revenues, far reach of their knowledge, greater recognitions, are to name a few. This resulted in an all new revenue earning opportunities for entrepreneurs, who wanted to build a solid marketplace and manage the operations between the tutors and the learners.

Agriya's exciting clone scripts to create your own education website

Known for staying ahead of the trend cycle, Agriya was able to grasp the tremendous demand for the creation of actively-functioning online learning and training platforms and came up with seven  impeccable clone scripts: Teachr, Tutor, Skillr, Graspr, Learnr, Teamr and Trainr; each of them created with precision after a thorough research of industries' leading websites like Udemy, Lynda, Skillshare, Coursera, Udacity, Teamtreehouse and KhanAcademy respectively.

Take a look at the clone scripts here,
Teachr- Udemy clone script
Tutor- Lynda clone script
Skillr- Skillshare clone script
Graspr- Coursera clone script
Learnr- Udacity clone script
Teamr- Teamtreehouse clone script
Trainr- Khan Academy clone script

Each of these brilliant clone scripts have an enormous amount of features that help in a great deal for a prominent functioning of the website. They are all built with the help of the latest technologies to offer a seamlessly operating website with a user-friendly interface. Built-in core and optional modules and plugins make sure the web host has all the tools at his/her disposal to create a personalized website according to the requirements.

A prosperous business expansion is needed to withstand and succeed in a heavily competitive market environment like the online education forum and these scripts are masterly-crafted to adapt to multiple high-end, potential  verticals, offering huge and positive business possibilities.

Final Words

A craftsman, however talented, will not be able to triumph if he or she is using the wrong set of tools. The same can be said for any business venture, especially the online medium. Selecting the right clone script to power your website will go a long way in determining the success of it.