Reasons to Choose the Bootstrap CSS Framework

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Bootstrap is a most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for creating website applications with future compatibility, customizable and simple standardization of HTML syntax. It is an effective open source tool for developing responsive mobile websites quickly and used widely as a front-end system that allows you to create custom website applications, which are compatible with various browsers such as Chrome,  Safari, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer. In a previous section, we discussed some effective reasons to use a “Twitter Bootstrap”.

  Now, we see “How Boostrap has become popular?”  Let us discuss some reasons “Why you should make a choice of the Bootstrap framework?”.

Starting Conveniently
You can easily learn and take benefits of Bootstrap by installing and extracting the files from the GitHub repository then add the files to your HTML document. All Bootstrap classes get access by adding references to these files in the HTML document and these classes are applied to the HTML elements to pay attention to spacing, styling, and responsiveness.

Simple to Study or User-friendly learning process
It is mandatory for every front-end developer to learn CSS, for that only solution is Bootstrap. It is also considered as a seamless learning curve and ensures spontaneous syntax with simple architecture and layout system. 

Unique grid system
It matters only few changes, even if you need a fixed grid or responsiveness, since Bootstrap is built on a responsive support grid, layouts and components. You can easily block certain content to appear or hide only on devices based on screen size by using key aspects of responsive utility classes. Bootstrap controls entire spacing and responsiveness issues via its robust grid layout system.

Extremely documented or simple documentation
Bootstrap provides a unique documentation with the best examples and presentations. Moreover, it delivers great styling for every complex website application and maintenance requirements for a proper reference list.  Bootstrap designers can easily examine and evaluate some class or elements includes in a single page that contains a perfect navigation section.

Wrapped JavaScript plugins
Bootstrap performs a vital role in JS widgets and makes a component interaction with various JavaScript plugins.  It saves a timing in testing multiple different plugins across the web, whether your project requires tabs, sliders and accordions.  This framework illustrates an ShieldUI Jquery plugins into a Bootstrap layout and allows you to select only certain plugins to maintain the minimum file size by using the tailored option.

Large-scale component list   
Bootstrap has covered what you need such as a Drop-down menu, Breadcrumbs, Progress and Navigation bars, Alerts and Pagination boxes. With less technical skills you can make styling of every single element to follow a consistent theme and customize it within a few minutes.

A Bootstrap designer may be glad to try Bootstrap CSS framework at least for a single project work and hope sure you will feel surprise by using it.