Crowdfunding Advice You Won't Find In A Rule Book

I feel for future campaign creators who want to crowdfund their big dream and are trying hard to get it right. There they are, diligently reading advice and unearthing content, the substance of which can vary considerably and sometimes patently contradict a sure-fire tip they read just a second ago.

If you feel your research has led you to feel strapped into the seat of an unmanned roller coaster, the most generous explanation for this is that crowdfunding script is nuanced and complex, and there are few across-the-board answers to be found. (The not-so-generous explanation is that, while the Internet is a wonderful place to share, it’s also a hotbed for hotheads who have been given a very wide berth to spout with impunity.)

So, who and what is a crowdfunder supposed to believe?

First, know going in that crowdfunding can’t be reduced to a binary system of ones and zeros. The best way to decode for yourself how to make crowdfunding work for you is to bone up on the science but focus on the art.

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