Top 5 Tools to Manage Your Social Media Accounts

Looking to ease the burden in managing multiple social media platforms? Then the perfect solution is here! Top 5 innovative tools evolved to meet every need of individuals and business clients. Now “Agriya”, a leading company based in Chennai has involved in providing various solutions in maintaining social networks.


Are you the one finding difficulties to manage your social media accounts? Then, Look no further!! Gear up to use “ Hootsuite”, the world’s most attractive and well known app that effectively manages social media accounts. To best suit the desired demands of individuals, small companies and big organizations, It provide a free, pro ($8.99 per month), and trial options.

 The dashboard allows you to see all the conversations at once. It has the finest features that help you respond to messages across all social channels and saves your precise time. It provides a personalized analytics system and has the ability to schedule posts on all platforms. Easy to manage multiple publishing plans and is completely cross platform.

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