What is new in latest PHP version – 5.6.0?

Great News for PHP developers! PHP Version 5.6.0 is live. This new version has 158 bug fixes, 39 new additions and 18 new implementations in its features. They can help you to improvise the coding of your websites. Let’s see how its new features can help you to do so.

Create exponentials with ease

In previous version of PHP, you need to use the Pow(a, b) function to create an exponential of a^b. But, in the new version of PHP, you just have to use the ** operator. In addition to that, you can also use ** = operator as well.  This will help you to avoid having too many Pow() functions, which will help you to minimize the functional errors.

Syntax of PHP 5.5

Pow(a, b)

Syntax of PHP 5.6


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