An Ultimate beginners Guide for using the Fiverr clone script

Congratulations!!! You have picked the concept of this season. This concept is a light modification of the usual freelancing concept. It has not only created many waves for freelancers, but also has provided cost-effective solutions for many business organizations and individuals.  It is famous by the name of microjobs.

This concept was adopted by Fiverr and their success is known to many of us. 

Can Fiverr have a new competitor? Yes, you can be one of the new competitors of Fiverr by developing a marketplace for micrjobs. There are many ways to develop a website, but one of the easiest and cost-effective methods is to use clone scripts. Today we will get familiar with this concept and know how to select a Fiverr clone script and what you should do to start a website like Fiverr in a short span of time.

Tips to select a Fiverr clone script :

Use their demo to the core :

Once you decide to choose a Fiverr clone script, the next step is to use the demo to the core. Check if you are comfortably able to handle the demo website and control all the options of it.  Use this demo script as a user and as a website admin to know in an out of the Fiverr clone script.

Search for effective landing page designs :

A good landing page design can help you to drive more traffic and also will help the users to navigate on your site. So while checking a demo of a Fiverr clone script, check for all landing page designs. If the clone script has good landing page designs, then opt for it or else don’t select them for your website.

Organized admin interface :

This is the most important feature to consider in choosing a Fiverr clone script. An advanced admin interface should have options to view users, user login information, send bulk email to users, view gig orders, flag gigs, ban IP address, transaction management, affiliate management, manage static pages, manage translations and view all the logs.

A strong admin interface will help you to manage, monitor, control and maintain a website easily. 

Most common mistake while selecting a clone script :

One of the most common mistake most of the website admin make is selecting a low cost clone script.  Most of the low cost script has many bugs in it. They take lot of time to resolve them. In business terms “time is money”. Losing time is equal to losing money in online business.

These scripts will eventually cost the same as an expensive script. So look for the features and the revenue models of various Fiverr clone scripts and don’t be allured by price.

Preparations before buying a clone script :

Before you purchase a clone script, write the content for the About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and services webpages. We will also recommend you to design logo of your website and prepare all the marketing related content. 

Once you are prepared the contents, look for a clone script. After purchasing a clone script, hand over all the materials and start a real-time Fiverr clone website within a short span of time. 

The above mention details are the basic of selecting a clone script and being prepared for launching a website like Fiverr.