Exclusive earning possibilities in Agriya’s BuySell Script

Several websites are running with the concept of buying and selling, but all not operating successfully. They are all missing out some most significant features and excellent revenue making options in the website. Agriya noticed all minute details required in the buying and selling website and introduced an advanced Etsy clone script which helps the entrepreneurs to launch their own online marketplace website within a few days. Let’s have a look at the exclusive revenue mechanism in this script right away.

Revenue mechanism

Revenue mechanism in this Etsy clone script assists you to earn numerous amount of money from your buyers, sellers and commercial world. It includes the following revenue options in your website which helps to exceed your return on investment quickly.

Commission fee- Whenever a buyer purchases product in your website, you can collect a definite amount of money as a commission fee

Listing fee- You can decide listing fee for every product added in your buying and selling website. Your sellers can list their products by paying a listing fee decided by you.

Featured sellers- This option not only helps you to earn money, but also assists your sellers to feature them and create a unique place in your website.

Featured products- It assists the sellers to highlight their products by adding it to the featured list in your website. To draw attention from the target buyers, the sellers can feature their products by paying you a definite amount of money. 

Ad-banner- Make money from the commercial world by allowing third-party organization to display their advertisement banners in your website. 

Ad-captcha- When a user enters captcha word to login to your website, you will earn a definite amount. This option also gives assurance that only genuine users are accessing the website. 

Final word

Agriya’s Etsy clone script nourishes your website with these revenue making opportunities which helps you to run a profitable business easily. Get in touch with us to know more interesting aspects about this script.