Ready-made email template option in a Fiverr clone

Usability of ready-made email template option in a Fiverr clone

Many entrepreneurs are looking for the best alternative to launch a website like Fiverr, instead of using the traditional method to establish it from the scratch.

Well, then opt for Agriya’s microjobs script which is an appropriate solution for creating a Fiverr clone website within a short period of time. It integrates the website with 50+ remarkable features, multiple payment gateways, exclusive revenue generation options, etc. Here, we will have a  closer look at one of its superior features.

Email templates

It is useful for both the registered employers and you. Your website employers can easily inform the freelancers about the work or notify any important things to them at a single stretch with the help of the ready-made template available in your website. This assists the registered employers to easily converse with the freelancers. It also facilitates you to quickly communicate with your registered freelancers and employers comfortably. You can also add numerous templates for the future purpose.

Core idea

This microjobs script has incorporated many such excellent features to your fiverr clone website. Get in touch with Agriya to know all key benefits of this script right away.