How Elance clone helps for making revenue?

elance clone

These days, freelancing website is gaining more significant and popularity in a digital world. It is one of the best sources for entrepreneurs to earn huge money across the globe, since freelancing is a global business. This unique business models satisfy the needs of many entrepreneurs to intimate their skills and talents in an online world with great eminence.

Internet has playing a vital role in our modern life and also changes our work way. If any individuals are looking forward to earn more money via a web browser then freelancing websites will be prefect option for you. Hence it becomes huge demand on a global market. Entrepreneurs can kick start an outstanding freelancer website in this remunerative freelancing field by using Elance clone script, which helps entrepreneurs to build their own customized unique freelance platform in a seamless way. 

Let us see how the script helps entrepreneurs to generate revenue in a simple way 

This script offers you user-friendly and effective revenue generating options with high functionalities to your website. It ensures simple coding structure so you can customize it as per your requirements easily.

Project Listing Fee

Business owners must pay a small amount of money as fee to you whenever they submit their projects on your freelance portal. You can avoid duplicated projects and also approve the projects for listing in the website by using this option. Admin can highlight projects of business owners by submitting projects on project listing category.

Membership fee

Through a medium of registration process the employers and freelancers can be authorized members in your website. You can have dealings only with authentic users in your website via this method. A small amount of money has to be paid in respect of the membership process once you complete the procedures of it.

Commission of Employer

The commission fee is collected from employer for hiring the right freelancer who is able to provide high quality for accomplishing their project through bidding process. As well as freelancer has to pay some amount of money to you as a fee when they get the project and proceeding it for next stage. You can earn huge money from both the employers and the freelancers by using this stunning revenue option. 

Advertisement Captcha Solve Media

It is a unique digital advertising platform that generates more revenue out of it with high security and brand recognition for your website. Users must type captcha which displayed on the screen when they register on your freelance portal. 

Advertisement Banners

The host is getting paid for banner advertisement when any third party website wants to post their products and services advertisement on your freelance portal they have to pay you a decided amount of money. This process probably works on three methods such as cost per action, cost per impression and cost per click.

These exclusive features of freelancer clone script helps the entrepreneurs to set up the options to earn revenue from the website.