Avoid these 5 Crowdfunding business mistakes

Messing up with things can cause so much of damage to your business interests. In the context of you entering into the crowdfunding industry by launching a crowdfunding website, it is important that there should be no mess up and falling prey to the mistakes. Yes, crowdfunding has been garnering so much of interest in the financial world and is set to shake the banking sector, at least in the foreseeable future. But how can you taste success as an entrepreneur in this industry? Here lies the question!

This fast and unexpected growth in the crowdfunding industry has even taken global analysts by surprise. The growth in this industry has also persuaded entrepreneurs to launch more advanced crowdfunding websites. However, not all websites, started till date, have been successful. Reasons are many! Primarily, it is the lack of proper planning, and entering the industry without in-depth research. Avoiding some basic mistakes means success will be yours as an entrepreneur running a crowdfunding platform. 

5 mistakes to avoid when launching a crowdfunding website

Acting in haste when it comes to choosing a crowdfunding software can be disastrous. Research, analyse and check the demo of the software, speak to the software developers, ask for customization of the crowdfunding software. Importantly, you have to choose a modern, well designed, feature-rich, easily navigable crowdfunding software for building your crowdfunding platform. 

Do not jump to conclusion that so and so type of crowdfunding will suit for your business. You may be convinced that one type has the best potential for success; however, your belief may also turn out to be wrong. So, do research on whether Equity-based crowdfunding, Reward-based crowdfunding, Debt-based crowdfunding or Donation-based crowdfunding is suitable for you. 

If planning to diversify your crowdfunding portal, then choosing which niche will suit your business needs has to be prioritized. Think innovatively and choose a niche area that can succeed. Some niche areas can be small businesses, science and technology, film-making, creative arts, education, health, fashion, etc

Think practically and decide which campaigning model you want to offer to the fundraisers – all-or-nothing model or flexible funding. In the all-or-nothing model, the fundraisers set a target amount; if they meet the target they get the money, otherwise, they fail to get even the money which they were actually able to raise. On the other hand, in flexible funding, the campaigner or fundraiser can get the money, regardless of meeting or not meeting the set targeted amount. 

Make sure that the website has a good navigation and sophisticated user-interface. Listing of an idea or a project on your internet based fundraising website has to be a cakewalk for fund seekers. 


Scaling great heights in the crowdfunding wouldn't be hard if some of the commonly made mistakes are avoided. Proper planning, right from the scratch, has to be accorded highest priority.