Grab Agriya’s new product 'WhatsApp Clone Script - BlaberChat'

WhatsApp Clone - Agriya

The wait is finally over!! Here we proudly present you with a new thrilling clone of WhatsApp - “BlaberChat”. Equipped to enhance the online chat platform in a faster and sophisticated way. The BlaberChat is fully encrypted with a rich set of features that is sure to be overlooked by its users. 

What is BlaberChat?

Getting inspired with WhatsApp, we Agriyans came with the idea of developing such a similar app for all the iPhone users around the globe. And in fact, the idea came out to be successfully developed which helps in enhancing the speed of interactions offering its users with plenty of options. This user-friendly ready-made iPhone app, BlaberChat - WhatsApp clone script will delight the entrepreneurs in giving a new outlook to their aspiring business venture. 

Thinking about how it will be beneficial?

Well with regard to the benefits we do have a plenty of it to be listed out. BlaberChat will assist you in terms of a wide range of business verticals whereby it enlightens an unparalleled user-friendly presentable interface. Some of them are as listed below:


In the Educational sectors, BlaberChat will play a major role wherein it helps the teachers in creating and sending class lessons as audio to the students, and also makes it possible for them to send the report cards directly to the parents’ and make them know about the student’s absence in class. 


Similarly, in the marketing sector BlaberChat will help in the product promotions where it lets you send video, images  or audio files about your products across the world free of cost, and also advertise your products by sharing related advertisement videos. 

IT sectors

Being in IT sectors, BlaberChat helps in conducting team and other online meetings through it thereby saving much time and transparency. And also helps to share videos easily with the team relating to the work.

Apart from the aforesaid benefits, there are plenty more of them, so to know more about Agriya’s BlaberChat make use of it at once. Check the demo here,


The BlaberChat keeps the end customer upgraded swiftly which is a key trick required for managing the corporate business world. It’s high time to grab it and experience its exceptional features and services  and let it give your entrepreneurial aspirations a new phase.