Agriya releases an improved version of ABS - Doctor Appointment Booking Script

Agriya has always given high importance to fulfilling the needs of the customers. We understand that things change very quickly in the business world. That is why we make it a point to constantly update our products and services. Following this principle, we have recently updated ABS.


Patients are still facing the problem of finding the right doctor to treat them. Agriya has developed ABS - Doctor Appointment Booking Script to solve this problem. Our app is enabling people to find and meet doctors who can treat them.

Personalization for Doctors

Sometimes the doctor would like to personalize the SMS and mail sent to the patient. However, only the administrator of the app could send SMS and mail to the patients on behalf of the doctor. The doctor had no say over the content sent to the patient. That is why we have introduced “Customized SMS Mail Content” feature. With this feature, they can customize the SMS and mail sent to the patients. By personalizing the content doctors can build trust between them and their patients. Only when the doctor does not specify anything will the message provided by the administrator be used.

The doctor needs to know as much as possible about the patient before treating them. Sometimes it would be helpful if the doctor could get this information before giving an appointment to the patient. That is why we have introduced another feature on the doctor’s side, the “Additional Field groups in the Patient Form”. Using this feature the doctor can include additional fields in the patient form. The doctor can specify which all fields to add to the form. This helps doctors gather the required information while building the trust of the patient.

These additional features made available on the doctor’s side can be availed only if the doctor has subscribed to certain packages.

Personalization for Patients

On the patient’s side, we have introduced “Medical History Storage” feature. Using this feature the patient can load their medical history on to the app. This includes copies of scans, tests, and much more. The feature makes it easier for the patient to seek a second opinion from another doctor.

Parting words

Agriya’s has always produced high-quality products and ABS is no exception. We have worked hard to ensure that the latest version of ABS meets the standards set by the previous versions.