Incur amazing benefits with Agriya's newly released Classified Ads solution

As market sustenance gets challenging over the years, most businesses are taking recourse to intense advertising and promotional activities. Quite presumably, their prime motive is shifted from ‘just advertising’ to ‘advertising with optimum expenditure’. 

This calls for an optimum solution like the Classified Ads Solution for businesses. It adds to results while still being economical & budget-friendly.

Unleashing a few benign features of this new Ad Solution

Flexible Ad Generation & Management 

Users can generate any number of ads by entering the desired ‘Ad Title’ followed by a brief description & category. The ads shall be automatically listed under the ‘My ads’ section for reference and may be edited or deleted as and when desired. 

Flexible Subscription packages

You can design your own bundle of subscription packages and quote your charges for the same. Users may subscribe by simply selecting the category and the desired package.

One Stop Shop for Online Advertisers

The classified platform we offer is absolutely basic and grounded so that users won’t find difficulty navigating through your website. You can also provide useful links to share relevant information about your audience and reach to the users.

Fascinating Revenue Generation Model

You can earn a handsome commission by selling your ad space to users who are willing to post their ads. You can still make it bigger by tying up with major e-commerce websites. You might also apply as a publisher for generating revenues.

Regular and safe payment gateway

You can avail safe and easy online transactions through Zazpay & Paypal. You can provide your customers with a wide variety of payment options.

Prioritizing Ads

You can smoothly enlist your ads on a priority basis as ‘In Top’, ‘Urgent’, ‘Highlight’ or ‘Top Ads’.This shall help you to categorize your ads and makes viewing systematic and convenient.

Facilitating communication

Users can connect with you via messages & can inbox you as and when the need arises. This way you can revert to answering their queries and attending them whenever feasible. 

Catering to all segments

We have designed a highly generalized solution to cater to different segments like recruitment, matrimony, automobiles, real estate, education etc.

Summing up

With global classifieds segment adding to approximately 17% of global internet revenues, it is undoubtedly a rich segment with enormous revenue generation potential. If you are planning to make it your upcoming business venture, then grapple the ‘online classified ads solution’ and tread your exciting journey. It is indeed a proven, fastest and most rewarding route to your success.