Comparison of two best thumbtack clones.

Welcome to the world of online business. There are many concepts flourishing in online business. Marketplace for service professionals is one of the trendiest and fastest growing markets. Many websites have succeeded by using this concept.

There is a huge demand for such websites. It is wise to supply the growing demand and earn enormously from it. So, adapt this concept a start your website. There are many ways of developing a website, but we will suggest you that use clone scripts since they have many advantages like inbuilt features, design and codes are written.

All you need to do is replace the logo and some pages. Customize the script in accordance to your requirements and your site is ready to launch. We have compared two best thumbtack clone scripts in the market and judge them in various parameters. Have a look at them.


Agriya has used every inch of its expertise to develop this script. While looking at its demo, we found that it has a good landing page design. As soon as the landing page load the users focus will be on a requirement form which says, "Get things done by smart, safe, reliable experts".

As the user scrolls down he finds various services near his area. He can extend the location by some kilometers as well. It also has a category based search and has advance search options. Every search result has a request quote button, which adds up to its user- friendly design. The header and the footer are well designed and it very short and sweet.

After looking at the front page, we shifted our focus to its blackened. We heard that Agriya's backend was tough, but to our surprise it was very organized and easy to use admin interface. After we log in the admin interface, we saw graphical website stats. These stats gave an outlook about the user logins, site revenue, services and request.

Its admin has seven tabs named as users, quote, transactions, activities, CMS, settings and master. The user section provides all the user details. The quote section has various details about services, quotes and planned subscriptions.

The transaction's tab shows earnings of the site from a particular service. Activities tab has various details about user logins, service views and service flags. The CMS tab helps in maintaining static pages like terms and condition, privacy policy, etc.
The settings tab has email templates, website settings, and details about the revenue as well. The master tab contains all the demographic details of the user. Overall this clone script has all the features necessary for developing a thumbtack clone website.

This script is developed by scriptsahoy. We had a look at its demo. This script has a good landing page. It has a simple header and to complement it, they have also added a menu bar. They have also included a form to grab customers' requirements. This form attracts users' attention, as soon as he lands on this page.

The admin interface of this site is way too simple. It has six tabs named as users, services, blog, payments, website and system. The users tab consists of user contact information, username and demographic details. It doesn't provide essential details about the users IP address.

The service's tab has details about requestor, providers and categories. It provides various details about service, service provider details, requestor details and the status of it. It also shows a list of categories and provides you the option to add new categories as well.

The blog tab allows the admin to add the post and align it to a category. The payment tab has various facilities like invoice, fees, gateway and a tax table. The next tab on the list is website; it has various options like a file manager, template management system, pages, website language and a static page management system.

The system tab has details about site-map settings, error log, location settings, email settings, blog settings, email template, payment settings, service settings and social media settings. It also shows the number of users accessing the admin panel.

Final Verdict.

It is always important to have a strong admin interface and a user-friendly front-page. Agriya’s marketplace quotes has both of them. It also has many in built features like anti spam mechanism, dynamic form builder, etc. It is an ultimate script to start a thumbtack clone website.