Tips to reduce bounce rate of your website

If you own a website , what the first thing you do is try to reduce the bounce rate which is very essential to have a healthy website.Reducing bounce has more advantages like getting improvement in your site traffic , increase in Alexa rankings , more subscribers and readers , etc...

According to my experience getting lot of visitors for a high bounce site is not a good idea ,you need to get the same number of people or even more when you have low bounce rate.For that you site must fulfill some requirements.

Let's see what are the methods which certainly required to maintain a quality website.

How to reduce bounce rate ?

1.Good Content :

The first and basic criteria to have low bounce rate is to concentrate on content .According to google point of view one should give enough ideas about the particular topic what the user is searching for.We need not to copy the content or create a page to promote a particular keyword.It has to be more informative .

And another thing is , when a user visits your page their should be relevant content where readers will be eager to check out other articles too.Also try to find out the exit rate by using some tool .This will help us to which page the user left out immediately .Then you can easily focus for those pages.It will help you to reduce the bounce rate .

2.Internal  links reduce bounce rate :

Adding internal pages will reduce bounce rate if you provide an internal link every 120 words.It is very good methods to provide an internal links in between the content which helps the users to read more article related to their topic.

Adding related post and popular post also helps to reduce the bounce rate where more user looking for any topics will be available if they are interested to view more about the topic.

3.Outgoing links :

For better seo outing links also matter where user can read some information's given on other website .But too much of outgoing links will certainly reduce your popularity among user where they is tends to move to other websites because of so many links.So avoid too much of outgoing links.

4.Getting the right visitors : 

Another important thing is to target the audience .What most of the people will do is they will simply put the top searchable keywords without analyzing the exact results for those keywords.

For example : If you are searching " best web development company  " and landed on your page your page which has topic like " Development Agencies"  then all of sudden your bounce rate will touches the sky high .So pick up the right keywords which target your audience.

5.Make your website more user-friendly :

It is also important to have a user friendly website where user can really be interested to view more pages.It helps them to know more about other services or products or what information's if they are missed can also been available in your site will make them to come again to your website.Use proper navigation where they are easily find the pages.

Conclusion : 

Always remember first impression is the best impression so try to reduce the bounce rate of your website at the beginning of your website .It makes the visitors to satisfied with user friendly website than the search engine friendly.If you follow these steps definitely your bounce rate will reduce.