Essential things to be considered while launching a writing contest website

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Winning a prize is delightful in competitions. Such prize offering online contests have now become trendy, especially in the area of writing. The websites which hold such text writing contests give a platform for writers to showcase their writing skills. Poetry, creative writing, short stories, guest posting and blog writing are some of the key areas where online contests are held.

With the increasing interest shown by writers and contest holders, there is a growing demand for writing contest websites. However, most of the existing writing contest websites aren't much attractive. So, as an entrepreneur, are you planning to bridge that gap by venturing into the business of running a writing contest website? Then, to build such a superb website for your business, choosing a wonderful writing contest software is important. Before to knowing more about such a software, let us analyze some essential things that need to be considered while launching a writing contest website.

Things to be considered when launching a writing contest website:
  1. Features play a major role in the success of writing contest website. A wide range of cutting-edge features are important. Your website should also have dynamic web designs, high scalability, and user-friendly designs. 
  2. For any kind of writing contest, the number of participants would be more. In that case, giving acknowledgment to every single participant would be harder. Consider having Entry Ratings feature. Using this feature, the contest holder can easily acknowledge the entries for the contest.
  3. It is important for writing contest participants to know the status of a particular contest. Has the contest just started or is mid-way or the winner has been declared? It has to be known to the users. This can be done by using the feature Contest Status. Details related to the stage in which the contest is will be displayed. 
  4. One important thing that should be considered is the incorporation of Contest duration settings feature. A feature like this allows the writing contest holder to expand or reduce the duration period of the contest. This way, it helps both participants and contest holders.
  5. Ensure that your writing contest website allows you to manage the contests. As the webmaster, you should manage all the contests submitted. Adding, viewing, suspending, approving and deleting the contest should be possible for you.
Creating a picture perfect writing contest website may be an arduous task, and even more if it through custom development. While the next-generation features are very important for your writing contest website, some others like payment gateways, dynamic form builder, and internal message board are equally important.

So, to make your writing contest website creation easier, Agriya, the most reputed web development company, offers writing contest software. Using this software, an excellent text contest website, i.e., the writing contest website can be built and launched in just a matter of 48 hours. Along with 80 plus contest website features in the software, the multiple revenue-generating options that are inbuilt can help in making huge profits.