What Are The Key Factors To Consider While Creating A website For holiday rental?

When a problem, identifies a perfect solution, an opportunity is formed. One such opportunity formed while solving a problem is the holiday rentals. People who look for resourceful ways to travel around the globe, considered holiday rentals as a blessing. On the other side of this spectrum, people who had a villa, a house, an apartment or even an unused living space wanted to earn renting it out to such travelers. Many business ventures wanted to tap into this exciting, two-sided marketplace. One such name that revolutionized the holiday rentals is Airbnb.


Airbnb is an online community marketplace that helps connect travelers with the hosts. The hosts will list and rent out their unused living space and the travelers can browse through various listings and book their desired accommodations. Airbnb has its reach in around 192 countries worldwide and has catered to budget-conscious tourists to business travelers who seek a unique and different experience. The company is valued around $25 billion dollars, making it more valuable than many established names in the hotel industry.

Major Factors That Can Help In Creating A Successful Holiday Rental Website

The holiday renting marketspace is a highly competitive environment and its popularity is on the rise every year. There are important factors that decide whether your holiday rental website can sustain the competition and succeed beyond expectations.

  • Reach out to untapped Marketspace

This may raise many eyebrows as many of us are aware that holiday rental, is already a crowded marketspace. But the exciting and fascinating feature of this two-sided marketplace is that there is still room for business opportunity as new segments of this market are discovered constantly. Do a thorough research, define your target segment and identify the opportunity that waits for you to make use of it.

  • An interactive Site that is easy to Use

An efficient and user-friendly site helps both the hosts and the travelers, as the former is able to list the property and the latter is able to book the accommodation hassle-free. A flashy and intricate website may create a lot of doubts and the trust factor reduces considerably.

  • A Steady Financial Strategy

The last thing you need as an upcoming successful venture is to fall into a financial pitfall. Devise a foolproof financial strategy that includes the break-even analysis, revenue estimations, sales and expense forecasts, the cash flow and a contingency plan for less-than-ideal situations

  • Reasonable Pricing Strategy

Having a pricing strategy that is clear and beneficial to you as the web admin, the hosts and the travelers who use your site, will help in creating a frictionless relationship among all three and goes a long way in contributing to the success of the website.

  • Uninterrupted Operation

A two-sided marketplace works on the basis of harmonious operation round the clock. Make sure the website is run by the state-of-art technologies that ensure an uninterrupted service.

  • A Marketing Strategy that involves customers

Nothing works as well as a customer's review and rating in promoting a website that is service oriented. Create multiple platforms for your customers to voice their thoughts. Adding this strategy in your marketing plans helps your website to have a strong social media presence.

Creating a perfect website mirroring the salient features may be a tedious job, which will cost a lot and time consuming. A perfect solution to this problem was the creation of various clone scripts. A clone script is a successful replication of a mobile or web application that matches the functionality and design of the original.

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Hard work has no substitute and guarantees success in the long run, but smart work makes sure you attain your success goals much earlier. Choosing an established and functioning clone script like Agriya's Burrow to power your holiday renting website is a smart move executed perfectly!