Gain Long-Term Social Followers With These 5 Tips

Social media is a great way to build a following, gain exposure and turn visitors into fans.

Here are five surefire methods to build and engage with a loyal following over social media to increase company awareness and drive an audience:

1. Develop a consistent posting strategy. Consistent posting is key to build up a social following and keep audience members engaged. If a Facebook, Twitter or even a LinkedIn account goes too long without updates, the target audience will forget about the company.

Social media company Be-evolve studied 36 million Twitter users and 28 billion tweets, discovering tweeting more often is highly correlated with an increased number of followers.

However, flooding a user’s feed is probably the easiest way to get unfollowed. Keeping to a consistent schedule will help develop an engaged audience, without overwhelming followers with information overload.

2. Tailor your content to the platform. The term “social media” is a wide umbrella under which many different platforms fall. Developing only one social strategy doesn’t make sense, since each of the major players in the social-media game have different sets of best practices.

Facebook and Pinterest are more visual mediums, LinkedIn favors more long-form and professional content, and Twitter is an instantaneous outlet.

Social-bakers found posts with images or videos on Facebook receive 93 to 96 percent greater engagement than text posts alone.

Tailor the message to the medium, so the audience can truly engage with updates.

3. Engage in one-on-one conversations. It’s important to engage with an audience, especially if they’ve reached out to the company on social media. If someone messages the organization on social channels, a responsive brand will reply and deepen the relationship. Social media can be a great place to deal with customer concerns in a timely manner and troubleshoot problems to show how openly the company deals with issues.

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